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Items that cause fire are indispensable for outdoor activities and disasters. However, it is meaningless unless it can be used due to humidity or out of gas in an emergency. The metal match is a reassuring item that you can use without worrying about it. This time, I will explain in detail about such metal matches, such as the types of metal matches and how to select them. I'm curious, but if you don't know what to do, please refer to it.


What is a metal match?

A metal mobile match that is easy to ignite even in bad weather

As the name implies, a metal match is a portable metal match. It is used by shaving a metal such as magnesium, which has high ignitability, and igniting the ignition type by friction. It doesn't need to be used if it gets damp like a general wooden match, and it doesn't require any fuel like a lighter or burner. It takes some getting used to, but it can make a fire even in bad weather, so if you like the outdoors, this is a must-have item.


How the metal match works

Sparks are generated using the frictional heat of metal

Medal matches are just sparks. Friction heat is generated when hard metal and metal rub against each other. As the metal is scraped, the temperature rises momentarily and sparks disperse. You can use this spark to make a fire.


Features of metal match

Highly portable and ideal for disaster prevention in case of emergency

The metal match is also attractive because it is highly portable. The main body itself is very compact and does not take up storage space. There are also key chains and pendant-shaped types, and many are designed to be easy to carry. In addition, some things can be stored together as a source of fire, so you can tell where you are when you need it, and you can also use it to burn a fire to eat or warm-up. It will be very useful.


Can be used thousands of times and has almost no life

It is generally said that metal matches can be used about 5000 times. Some can be used 10,000 times. Even people who camp many times a year may find it more difficult to use up. Furthermore, it does not deteriorate even if it gets wet with water. If you wipe it, you can use it again without any problem. It is no exaggeration to say that it has almost no life.


How to use metal match

Prepare a crater and sharpen the rod

First of all, prepare a crater to ignite. We recommend small, flammable items such as tissues, pieces of paper, and linen strings. Then rub the striker and rod together. If you scrape magnesium with a knife before that, you can make even bigger sparks.


When sparks come out, move to the crater and add flammable material

When sparks come out, move them to the crater. Once you've quickly moved it to the crater, we'll add more flammable materials. I used a small crater, but once it ignites, there is no problem with inserting a large crater. Add firewood and branches to make the fire bigger.


Types of metal matches

Set type

Recommended for beginners with a set of striker and rod

Metal matches require a highly flammable rod and items to scrape them. If you're used to it, you can shave it with a knife to make a spark, but a special striker is by far the easiest to make a spark. If the striker and rod are pre-set, you don't need to prepare them separately.

Especially for beginners, the set type is recommended. There is also a set that is tied with a rope so that it is hard to lose, and a starter kit for beginners that comes with a special case. First of all, it is ideal for those who want to try out what it is like.


Single item type

For experts as each can be combined with easy-to-use items

The single item type is a type in which the rod and striker are separate. Since each person has a different hand size, the striker that is easy to grip will also be different. Recommended for those who want to prepare a separate striker that is easy for them to grasp. The rod is a consumable item. It is also convenient when you want to replace only the worn rod.

If you are an expert, you will be able to spark a rod with a piece of iron such as a knife. Also, some people will be able to disperse sparks well even if the rod is short. If you bring a knife anyway, you don't need a striker. It is also recommended for those who want to go out with as little luggage as possible.


How to choose a metal match

Choose by the ease of lighting

For beginners, we recommend a ferrocerium rod with a length of 7 cm or more.

Before you get used to it, we recommend a long rod that is as easy to grip and causes friction as possible. If the length is 7 cm or more, it is easy to scrape even with a striker, and a sufficient amount of spark will be scattered to start a fire. In addition to the magnesium type, there is a ferrocerium type rod. The ferrocerium rod emits a spark of about 3000 degrees, so it is easy to handle even for beginners.


The striker is easy to grip and recommended to be about 5 cm

There are various types of strikers, including thick shafts and flat strikers. If you don't hold it well, you won't get enough friction. If possible, try to hold it and choose a striker that fits your hand easily. If it is too short, there is a risk of burns, so it is recommended that you have a certain length. If the striker part is about 5 cm long, it will be easier to apply force and it will be easier to make a fire.


Choose by resistance to loss

With a case, the striker and rod can be stored together

If the rod, striker, and case for storing them are set in advance, it is also attractive that it is easy to clean up. The shape is easy to fit and compact, making it much easier to store and carry. Not only is it hard to lose, but it also has the advantage of being able to store small types of fire together.


Accessories and key chains are also recommended because they are hard to lose.

Accessories that are always worn, such as pendants and bracelets, are also popular. Since it can be used quickly when you want to use it, it will be very useful in outdoor scenes such as camping and mountain climbing. Also, if it is a key chain type, you can attach it to the bag, so it will not be lost easily.


Choose by high functionality

If you use it frequently, we recommend the one that is used frequently.

Each metal match has several times it can be used. The rod is a consumable item, and the more you use it, the more it wears. As it gets thinner and shorter, it naturally becomes harder to catch fire. The number of times it can be used varies from thousands to tens of thousands. If you use metal matches frequently, be sure to choose one that can be used most often.


With multi-tools and whistle, you can rest assured even in an emergency

Not only the function as a metal match but also the one with a multi-tool function that includes a knife and a bottle opener is also popular. If you have one, you can use various functions, so it is ideal for those who want to reduce their luggage as much as possible. Some are equipped with a whistle. It's an item of two birds with one stone because it not only tells you where you are in the event of distress but also makes a fire at the same time.


Recommended brands and manufacturers of metal matches


Shieldon Knives

Django design and fashionable metal match is attractive

The Friendly Shieldon knife is recommended for those who want a fashionable medal match. With a Django design, you will surely feel better just by holding it. Of course, it is also very easy to use.



A popular manufacturer of affordable and highly portable metal matches


Captain stag with abundant outdoor goods such as camping equipment and sports equipment. Of course, we also have a large selection of metal matches. Captain Stag's medal match is very popular because it is very portable.


Bush Craft

A popular manufacturer with a wide range of products from beginners to experts

Many people think of bushcraft when it comes to metal matches. It is a manufacturer that is so synonymous with metal matches. We have a wide variety of matches from beginners to expert metal matches. Recommended for those who want to choose with particularity.


Light My Fire

Manufacturer with abundant cost-effective metal matches with excellent portability

Light My Fire's medal match is attractive at a reasonable price range. It can be said that many of them are a set of rods and strikers. It is ideal for those who are looking for a compact type with high portability.



You can buy a set metal match for $1

Ceria is a One-dollar shop that also focuses on outdoor goods. You can also buy a set of metal matches for $1. Captain Stag is also recommended if you want to buy metal matches cheaply, as you can only buy them at stores.


Mont-bell (currently not available)

We have clothing and tools for camping

Mont-bell handles a wide range of outdoor clothing and tools. Waterproof matches, which are convenient for starting a fire in a camp, are popular, but metal matches are not currently available. If you want a metal match from an outdoor specialty store, Captain Stag is recommended.


Daiso (currently not available)

Widely handles outdoor products

Daiso has a wide variety of goods that are convenient for outdoor activities and camping. There is currently no information that we are dealing with metal matches. For metal matches with excellent cost performance, Light My Fire is recommended.



Preparation is required so that it will not be used in an emergency

If you have a metal match, you will be able to easily make a fire regardless of the weather. However, it is not useful in case of emergency unless you confirm how to use it. Before you go outdoors, practice lighting the fire. This time, I have explained in detail about metal matches, listing recommended products. Please try to find the perfect metal match for your purpose.



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