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Blacksmith Viper EG01A Knife: A Cutting Edge Knife You Need!

Knives have gone a long way from their early days in the business, and now they have various purposes that never fail to give results. It is essential to have access to the highest-quality knives that can be found.

As a result of this, Shieldon and Eric Garza devised a cutting-edge product that is available on the market today and is known as the Shieldon EG01A Blacksmith Viper knife.

Those individuals who are seeking a quality knife that is able to give both accuracy and durability may be interested in the Shieldon EG01A model that is offered by Blacksmith Viper. This particular model is an outstanding choice.


This knife is crafted from materials of the highest quality, making it durable enough to withstand frequent usage while retaining its edge and accuracy throughout its lifetime.


The Shieldon EG01A Viper knife is not only practical but also fashionable, making it an excellent option for all of your cutting requirements due to its slender and snake-like appearance.


This article provides a comprehensive overview of the Shieldon Viper knife so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not it meets your needs.

Blade Material

The blade of the Shieldon Viper EG01A model is made of 154CM, common low-cost steel that is used in the construction of the vast majority of high-end folding knives. The bulk of folding knives is made out of 154CM stainless steel.

The drop point on the tip is practical and widely used for usage in a variety of daily carry (EDC) activities.

In addition, our team designed it to have a 15-20 degree steeper angle when it is unboxed, with the intention of maintaining the ideal usage initially on the hands. This was done in order to preserve optimal use.

This kind of knife is an excellent choice for those who need a durable, accurate knife with an attractive design.

Knife Handle

The handle of the Shieldon Viper knife is secured with two standoffs and T8 screws, which provide a secure, risk-free, and simple design.

Additionally, it incorporates a nested liner lock, making it more suitable for the daily carry (EDC) style and the popular folding knife design.

On top of that, the G10 scales give the knife a look that is both more modern and younger than it would have otherwise had.


Locking mechanism

The locking mechanism is a nested liner lock that is a type of mechanism that is commonly used in the production of folding knives. This allows for simple and safe usage while reducing any risk of accidental injury.

It has a strong lock and a good build, so it is a reliable choice for both practical and aesthetic purposes.


Blade Finish

The blade finish is a diamond-like coating (DLC) that gives the knife a long-lasting and corrosion-resistant edge.

This type of finish is often found on higher-end knives because it helps to maintain the accuracy and quality of the blade over time.

Mostly, the diamond-like coating is often a desirable choice for those who need a knife that will last.


Main Pivot

The main pivot of the Shieldon Viper Knife is T8 416SS. This is a robust and strong pivot that is designed to handle heavier loads of daily usage.

In addition, it is made out of a high-quality material that provides excellent durability and strength so that you can count on it to last for years to come. Overall, this particular feature is one of the more important aspects of the knife due to its role in its overall functionality.



The weight of the Shieldon Viper knife is 4.09 oz/116g. This is a lightweight option that is perfect for those who prefer knives that are easy to carry.

Whether you need a knife for your EDC activities or simply want one as part of your collection, this model provides all of the features that you are looking for in terms of quality, accuracy, and durability.


Total Length

Shieldon Viper’s total length is 8.48"/215.5mm which is perfectly sized for those who need a knife to carry on the go.

In addition, its slim and snake-like appearance makes it ideal for those who want a stylish but functional option for all of their cutting requirements. So if you are looking for an excellent folding EDC knife, look no further than the Shieldon Viper!


Opening Mechanism

The blade is opened with ease and efficiency by the use of a flipper that acts as the opening mechanism.

Since of this, it is simple to use the knife, even in difficult circumstances, because the blade can be opened swiftly and without any trouble.

Because it permits effortless operation with only one hand, the flipper feature, which is often found on knives of this sort, makes the Shieldon Viper a great choice for anyone who is in need of a blade that is trustworthy and practical.


Handle Color

Our group of experts in the relevant field eventually decided that the Tangerine G10 color, which can be described as an orange variant, would be the most suitable choice for the first launch of the Shieldon Viper.

In point of fact, the results of our market research indicate that orange-handled folding knives are the most sought-after product in this category.

The Spyderco Endura 4, the Kershaw Leek, the Cold Steel Finn Wolf, the Gerber Haul, and a great many more iterations are among the models that are now for sale in the marketplace.


Proper Maintenance

The proper maintenance is simple, as the knife comes with a recommended cleaning and lubrication routine that is required to keep it in perfect condition.

This ensures that the blade will not be damaged and that it will last for many years.

To start,  you should clean the blade with a soft, clean cloth and a gentle detergent. Be sure to rinse it completely and dry it thoroughly before applying lubrication.

Next, you should apply a small amount of lubrication to the blade. This will help extend its life and keep it in great condition.

Finally, be sure to store your knife in a safe place when it is not being used. This will help prevent damage and keep it in optimal condition for years to come.

If you follow these simple steps for proper maintenance, your Blacksmith Shieldon Viper EG01A Knife will be a great tool for years to come.



The Shieldon team came to the conclusion that the best accessory would be a deep carry tip-up clip with a matte blackened finish.

The majority of folks who carry their guns on a daily basis choose this particular kind of clip for their firearms. In addition to this, there is a ceramic ball bearing that allows for a very smooth opening operation while using the flipper.

This makes the Shieldon Viper a great choice for anyone who wants to have the best EDC experience possible.


Safety Considerations

Be sure to always exercise caution when using the Shieldon Viper, as it is a knife and has the potential to cause injury.

To ensure your safety while using this knife, be sure to always keep your fingers out of the way when opening and closing it. Additionally, avoid wearing loose-fitting clothing or jewelry that may come into contact with the blade.

And finally, practice good safety habits at all times. Remember that knives are dangerous tools--so use them with care and respect!



If you are looking for an accurate, long-lasting, and elegant folding knife, then the EG01A by Blacksmith Viper is an excellent choice. With its superior materials and attention to detail, this knife will surely meet all your EDC needs. So why wait? Order your Shieldon Viper today!

Shieldon is one of the leading knife manufacturers that has years of experience in creating high-quality blades that are perfect for everyday use.

Whether you need a reliable knife for hunting, camping, or self-defense, the EG01A by Blacksmith Shieldon Viper is an excellent choice. With its durable construction and superior materials, this knife will last for years to come and provide you with the performance you need in any situation.

So why wait? Order your Shieldon Viper EG01A today and experience the cutting edge of knives!