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Review Shieldon Bulbasaur 9061G-M Pocket Knife

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Not long ago I had the pleasure of trying a Shieldon brand pocket knife for the first time, without a doubt one of the most visually spectacular knives I have ever owned.

In life, when you like something, you repeat, so I couldn't help but check out this other visually spectacular Sheldon Bulbasaur 9061G-M.

Exterior design and appearance

There are folding knives or fixed knives that just look at them attract you, and this is the case, the same thing that happened to me with the previous reviewed model, the Shieldon Tranchodon 7093D1.


In this case we do not have a blade made with damascus steel, but we do have one with a shape that attracts attention, it is also the mirror version (there is also one without that effect). Because of the lines it carries, I was immediately attracted to it.

The blade is of the "drop point" type but with a very curious upper curvature, it also has a full flat grind (which I always love) and a very pronounced tip. The steel is the magnificent Sandvik 14C28N, one of my favorites.


The handle is made of G10 with a very nice green and black veining, without the option of other colors. In this case we do not have embedded carbon fiber as in the previous model.





Once again we have a "liner lock" locking system using ceramic bearings, leaving the blade locked in a suitable position.

If we continue looking at what the box brings us, we see the transport sheath. The other model that I have reviewed also had it, and you do not know the few times in more than 7 years that I have been with this blog, that I have received a rigid sheath in a knife, counted on the fingers of one hand. So the detail is appreciated.






Regarding the specifications of the measures we have:

Total length

Blade length

Blade thickness

Scale weight

21.8 cm

9.3 cm

3 mm

125 gr

Visually it draws a lot of attention due to the shape of the blade and its handle, in essence, globally it attracts a lot.

Handling and use

Once we have the knife in hand, we will want to open it, in this case the way to do it is very clear, through the "flipper", which is my favorite means of opening for knives with a "liner lock" or " frame lock”.



The opening experience is smooth thanks to the ceramic bearings and a not very great initial retention of the blade, although the "flipper" is smaller than that of the Tranchodon model and it makes me a little more uncomfortable, but fine. Although you can try to open the blade with your finger pushing the blade trying not to slip, for me it makes no sense to have an opening “flipper”. We do not have thumb studs, nor do they need to, because in my opinion, it would spoil the aesthetics of the blade a bit.



Thanks to the smooth movement of the blade, it can be closed without hands, with small movements of the wrist.

Here I must also comment that access to the "liner lock" is very comfortable due to the slit in the handle that we have.



I have tried the factory sharpening and there has been no problem with the paper, it cuts smooth.

When we have the knife open in our hand and grasping it, the handle offers us an extremely smooth and polished G10 texture, without any noticeable relief. The shape of the handle does not seem very anatomical visually at first, but then it works well in practice, it gives a lot of confidence when gripping it, but in general it is a bit thin.



When running my finger through the open areas of the handle, I don't see any sharp or unpleasant areas, it's polished, the steel liners don't bother me.


We have an upper jimping on the handle itself that reaches the back of the blade, in general I would say that the milling is too soft, not offering much help in gripping.


The "pocket clip" has adequate hardness, hides the knife quite a bit but not all of it, and is not reversible.





In terms of use, I would highlight how tremendously cutting the blade is, because with that blade width and that flat cut, it will penetrate the materials quite well due to the absence of the "wedge effect" of other grinds, apart from the blade It is not very thick for what is usually seen, "only" 3 mm thick.


Final verdict

It is a spectacular-looking knife, perhaps less striking than the 7093D1, but very attractive because of the shape of the blade, which I really like, and because of the colors of the handle.

The build quality is good, the use, the smoothness of opening and the steel is very good, one of my favorites.

I really like the blade because of its shape, it's a tremendous slicer, in addition to the veining on the handle in that color or some aesthetic details such as the washer that changes color with the light near the pivot screw.

It seems to me a very good piece in a collection and it will stand out a lot for its appearance. Also of course you can use it without problems in real tasks. A knife that is quite visually attractive and recommended.

Things i love

- I really like the steel used: Sandvik 14C28N.

- Softness of opening with ceramic bearings.

- A hard sheath on a knife, not easy to see.

- Good build quality, materials and assembly.

- I love the blade, for its full flat grind, that aggressive tip and its superior curvature and also the color of the handle.

Things i would change

- The jimping above the spine of the blade is too soft and somewhat short.

- The “flipper” is somewhat small, I liked the Tranchodon model better, which was more comfortable for me.



Where to buy it

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