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Kitchen Knives

Western style Knives and Japanese style knives are offered, alongside with various kitchenware.

Outdoor Portable Clamps

No matter outdoor activity or house maintenance, a clamp helps you everything comfortably and conveniently.

Kitchen Gadgets

From slicer and baking mold to basket and cutting board, many cooking tools can be found here.

Multi-functional EDC tools

Fashionable and multi-functional small EDCs make a man tasteful and confident.




The debut of Django

Chicken bone scissors

antiskid warded lock stainless steel kitchen scissors cut chicken bone multi-functional household scissors cut vegetable

Single opening knife without lock (2)

hunting, camping, hiking, self-defense, gift, collection, etc.

Coin knife

camping outdoor survival tool keychain folding knife EDC coin knife coin folding knife

OTF04 Exocet Dagger

outdoor aluminum alloy handle stainless steel blade automatic folding pocket knife OTF for hunting hiking jungle rescue

Kitchen knife set box

stainless steel kitchen knives 1 set for 25 "hundred rose" kitchen knife suit Japanese style western style kitchen knife

Butterfly pliers G44A

ergonomic handle, lightweight and durable, comfortable to grasp, portable design, convenient to use.

EDC brass door opener

EDC brass door opener

Teppanyaki steak long shovel

teppanyaki steak fried cuisine shovel stainless steel shredded cake fried pizza shovel

Chef knife

chef knife carving knife fruit knife kitchen gadget household stainless steel kitchen knife

Multi-purpose household scissors

stainless steel kitchen multi-purpose household scissors cut strong shear multi-function kitchen scissors

Kitchen butcher & cleaver

household kitchen red pear handle stainless steel cutting sharp butcher cleaver tool

About Santoku

Introduction: Santoku Cutlery (Guangdong Santoku Trading Co., Ltd.) is located in Yangjiang, the "hometown of knives and scissors in China". Founded in 2012, Santoku cutlery is an young private enterprise specializing in kitchenware, knives, scissors and pliers wholesale and distribution that buyers need with export and processing. The company covers 50 hardware factories and has 4 departments contributing to sale, marketing, purchase and administration. The main products are: kitchen knife, outdoor knife, kitchenware, portable EDC, m...

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