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Why EDC Tools Don't Have To Be Powerful But Good-looking?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you need a knife or a touch, but it's not readily available? I can relate to the feeling. That is where everyday carry tools come to your rescue. The specific equipment varies from person to person and is typically determined by interests, occupations, and daily activities.


To be clear, we are not talking about the miscellaneous items that collect in your pockets after a day out. Taco Bell receipts, spare coins, and gum wrappers do not count. We are talking about the tools and personal items that help you get through your day. These tools don't necessarily have to be powerful but good-looking.


The Main role of EDC tools

Everyday tools have a wide range of applications in our daily routine. Ensuring they are looking good is an essential factor as well. Below are the primary roles that everyday tools perform.


Opening Packages, Letters, and Boxes. With these convenient and easily accessible pocket knives, you can save the hassle of physically opening gifts, letters, packages, and other items. These knives also help to keep your hands clean.


Camping. Imagine going camping without a knife. That is not a good idea! Whether it's for cooking or pitching a tent, it's a key and indispensable survival item. Furthermore, an individual must be protected against wild or dangerous splinters.


Fishing. It's a rare sight to see a fisherman without a knife. It's essential for cutting lines, removing hooks, and a variety of other duties that an angler must perform on a daily basis. They prefer small pocket knives since they can easily be folded and carried along.


Hunting. A hunting knife is a valuable weapon to have on hand, whether you are targeting deer, blasting rabbits, or going after antelope. It has features to help you do everything during hunting, including skinning your prey. Hunting knives are stiff and strong to allow you to tear flesh apart.


First Aid. An unexpected injury can occur anytime, whether you are outside or inside, which is where a pocket knife comes in handy. It's suitable for cutting bandages and wrapping tourniquets. Furthermore, outdoor enthusiasts are prone to get lost. Here, you can carve directions on a tree with your EDC pocket knife so that the lost person, especially the wounded, can maintain track of your location.


Fruit Peeling. When you are out in the woods, a decent meal feels like a luxury; this is when you need on-the-go options like luscious fruits, which supply essential nourishment quickly and conveniently. Pocket knives are a convenient tool to have on hand for cutting and peeling fruits off trees.


Protection. It's not as if everyone knows how to do professional kicks, and even mastering them won't guarantee complete safety. Aside from abilities, having the right equipment is essential for staying safe in difficult circumstances. It can assist you in fending off or diverting an assailant. Thanks to foldable knives that can be carried along.



Why Do We Need EDC Tools?

We need EDC tools because they play a significant role in our daily operations. Many advantages encounter our dependability on EDC tools, which is why they are on the rise. Below are the benefits of EDC tools that make us need them most.


Convenience: Sometimes, you don't even need help to get things done; instead, you waste time looking for the perfect equipment. You won't have to hunt through junk drawers, ask a friend for a pen, or give up on something and promise yourself you will bring that tool next time if you have a well-made EDC. Everyday carry tools are helpful and make life easier for you.


Long-term savings: If you invest in items that can withstand everyday wear and work well enough to make the cut for your EDC, you may be able to save money in the long run. When you choose well-built, dependable, and lasting goods, you won't have to spend as much money to replace cheaply made disposable items every few months.


If you have already caught the EDC bug, you are probably aware that this isn't always the case. On the other hand, many EDC items strike a mix of quality and value that makes them "buy it for life" items, meaning you can buy once and get your money's worth.


Personal expression: Individualization of your EDC is, without a doubt, one of the essential components of the lifestyle. What you carry and use reveals a lot about who you are, what you do, and what your preferences are, among other things. It's a fantastic way to express yourself that you will notice in very distinctive carries. One of the most enjoyable aspects of shopping for new gear is refining your equipment to represent who you are as a person.


Preparedness and self-reliance: Having EDC tools on hand every day can prepare you for most of your everyday activities and unforeseen emergencies. Your EDC will assist you in doing tasks that you would otherwise require assistance with.


Additionally, you will be more prepared than 90% of the folks if you have simple EDC multi-tools. This feeling of preparedness assures you that you will be ready no matter your situation because self-sufficiency is a valuable talent.


Do more, and do it better: By adding new tools, you gain access to a slew of new features that improve your life or help your day go more smoothly. Alternatively, you can enhance the performance and efficiency of necessities you already use by taking an EDC approach to improving them, giving you a better overall 'in use' experience.


Why Choose Good-looking EDC Tools


Someone can easily judge your style and personality from what you carry along with you. Different tools symbolize different images. There are various EDC tools in the market, and each performs a specific function. Choosing good-looking EDC tools is essential to show your style and personality.


A hunter would go for a hunting knife with a great design and quality handle that matches his boots or any attire. The leather sheath also contributes a lot to style and personality. Getting the best design and color to blend well with your outfits is vital to enhancing your style.


What you carry and use, among other things, reveals a lot about who you are, what you do, and what your tastes are. It's an excellent way to express oneself, and you will notice it in a variety of approaches.


Top Good Looking EDC Tools


The items in your everyday carry (EDC) pack will often be necessary to get you through the day, regardless of your work or location. The majority of EDC kits include what some believe to be essential items. If you don't have them, they are items that will make you feel unbalanced. Check out this list of recommended gear if you are looking for something to add to your EDC.



Many EDC principles are embodied in the multitool: usability, adaptability, and portability. Having a toolbox's worth of capabilities in a single pocketable tool is invaluable for rapid fixes, tinkering, and other handy chores. When weight and pocket space are limited, multi tools can supplement the functions of other items; therefore, they naturally complete the second trinity of EDC.


An ideal multi-tool should have different features, including a screwdriver, bottle opener, saw, scissors, and more tools in one to assist in a variety of applications. OEM 20 In 1 Army Knife from Shieldon is an excellent example of a multi-tool that holds two tools in one.


Multi-tools are one of the most owned good-looking EDC tools recently. They have unique features and styles to help you carry out your daily activities smoothly. Some of the features include:


  • Almost every modern multi-tool includes a flat head screwdriver. A standard screwdriver and a Shieldon screwdriver are included in the best multitool on the market, making it a multifunctional tool. This design helps you boost your productivity while reducing screw installation and evacuation time. In addition, modern multi-tools include a reverse screwdriver as a valuable feature.


  • Bottle opener. Picnics and outdoor activities are where this function is most typically used. A bottle opening feature is used to remove the metal cover from the bottles. A corkscrew is included in certain multi-tools to help remove the plastic catch or plugs from the wine bottle.


  • Despite their small size, multi-tool saws are powerful enough to complete cutting duties. According to the best multi-tool reviews, this device helps slice through smaller materials. For instance, simple handicrafts. Even if it isn't used as frequently as a blade, screwdriver, or pincers, a good saw is vital for every multi-tool.


  • Multi-tool scissors are sufficient for the majority of tasks. When working outside, this is a must-have accessory. While in the field, this component can also help you with basic and simple chores.


Knives are another everyday carry tool that most people overlook. A knife has different applications depending on your current situation, from the kitchen to camping. Knives also play a significant role during camping, hunting, and even hiking. There are different knives, from fixed blades knives to foldable pocket knives. All these will always make you look ready when the need arises.


Knives are implemented with a bleeding edge in the handle's center. This tool's blades are smaller than usual, yet they are perfect for minor cutting jobs. Customized fixed blade knives are the most practical knives. Serrated knives can also cut thread, open boxes, open letters, and loosen stuck objects.


A foldable pocket knife is ideal for carrying along since it can be folded to look small and fit in your pocket comfortably. Let's have a quick look at some of the features of these knives as far as EDC tools are concerned.


  • Carryable: It's simple and safe to carry along with you.
  • Compact: Fits easily into a pocket
  • Long-lasting: It can be used for a long time.
  • High-strength: Ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction and operability.
  • Ergonomic design: Offers an open feel.
  • Lightweight: Offers an uncluttered feel Ideal for work that requires a lot of effort.



We have all seen a flashlight at some point in life or even used it. People overlook an EDC tool, but it greatly benefits our daily operation. In the recent past, people used lamplights before flashlights came in. Currently, flashlights are of different designs and colors to pick from. Also, the LED flashlight has hit the market, and getting a piece is a plus. Let us go through the features of a flashlight.


  • Modern flashlights are waterproof. This means no water can get in and destroy its internal parts.
  • Flashlights can serve you for a longer time without the need for repair.
  • Energy-saving. With the help of technology, flashlights have been developed to be saving more energy than before. That to LED lighting techniques.
  • Flashlights offer enough brightness to enable you to see clearly.
  • Flashlights come in different designs, color and shape to fit customers' preferences.



Your EDC should be dependable and functional, but most importantly, it should be unique to you. You would have peace of mind knowing all your bases are covered. You should feel entirely at ease with your EDC if it becomes an extension of yourself!


An excellent EDC demonstrates the foresight to include what you need daily, as well as the restraint to leave behind what you don't. At Shieldon, we will serve you with top-notch quality and good-looking EDC tools, including custom knives. Contact us for the best quality.

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