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Review Shieldon Tranchodon 7093D1 Pocket Knife

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Many years ago I started my blogs and my YouTube channel, since then many brands have passed through my hands, but I never lose the illusion of trying a new one.

As you know, I only show quality pieces, so I have to be picky when choosing a new brand. In this case, I bring you a first piece of the Shieldon brand, which I did not have the pleasure of knowing before.

This pocket knife has some characteristics that are unique in terms of the pieces that I have been showing you for years, to begin with it is the first one I have with damascus steel (which is not a steel but a metallurgical technique)...

Exterior design and appearance

I think that just seeing it open leaves no one indifferent, that would be a good summary. On the one hand we have a tactical design but I would say that it is more exquisite than normal, that blade with the rarely seen inverted tanto tip, in 67-layer 9Cr18Mov steel and VG10 steel core with partial flat grind.


And it is the first time that I present you with a damask blade, it must be said that the pattern of the blade makes it of a beauty that we are not used to seeing.



About the handle, it is also something different than usual since it is in G10 and carbon fiber, at the same time, it is available in two colors, green and red. It looks very pretty to me.




As for the locking system, we have a "liner lock", with a ceramic bearing opening system, the system locks correctly in a suitable position.

The blade is perfectly centered, the adjustments are very good.


Within this section it is worth mentioning that we have a sheath, but not one of these "soft" sack-type sheath, but a real sheath, with hardness and thick material, velcro and sewn along the edges, with the brand's logo on the relief. It is very rare that a knife comes with a rigid sheath, it has happened to me very rarely, I could count them on the fingers of one hand in all these years. So it is something that is appreciated, and I think that at certain prices, it should be something normal, but it is not. The sheath seems to be of good quality.


Regarding the specifications of the measures we have:

Total length

Blade length

Blade thickness

Scale weight

21.4 cm

9.3 cm

3.5 mm

159 gr

Visually spectacular it is one of the most attractive knives (for me) that I have had.

Handling and use

When we pick up the knife with our hands, it will surely take us a few seconds longer to open it because we will not have been looking at the pattern of the handle or the blade, which is attractive. To open it, the most logical option is to use the "flipper" (which is my favorite way to open a knife), at which point the ceramic bearings come into action and the opening is very smooth. The retention of the blade is not high and that makes the experience when opening it magnificent.


In the blade we have a groove that we could use to open it too, but the most comfortable way is to use the flipper.

To close it, due to the smoothness of the bearings, we can do it without hands once unlocked, with a slight movement.

As for the sharpness of the blade, it is very good, really good, cutting the paper without any problem.




When holding the knife, we appreciate a texture of the handle with a medium grip level, it is not aggressive at all, on the contrary, it is very smooth and polished but it has some notches to improve it, it allows it not to slip but we will not have an extreme grip. As for its shape, it adapts well to the hand, being anatomical and with a very good width and size.


One of the things that I always check is that the steel liners are not sharp, because when using the flipper, you can cut the skin of the finger a little, in this case they are polished and there are no problems, the flipper itself is also somewhat rounded, leaving no annoying edges.

Also highlight the beautiful color of the liners and the matching "pocket clip".

Apart from holding the knife in the normal way, since we can use a forward grip by positioning the finger on the curvature of the blade. Mind you, even though we have a jimping on top of the handle, we don't have one on top of the blade, which I think would be more useful.

We can appreciate a "pocket clip" that can hide the piece completely, which is appreciated and is what people usually look for, but cannot be changed to the other handle scale.

Final verdict

If you want a knife with a good construction, made with quality and with one of the most impressive aspects that we have come across lately, then this is your collector's item.

I must highlight the damascus steel blade because after so many years, it is the first time that I have a knife of any brand, with this technique.

Between the unusual shape of the blade, inverted tanto tip type, the damascus technique, the G10 handle with carbon fiber in this particular color (the green one is also good) because it is very attractive as a whole because it is something that It is different from what is usually seen and attracts attention. This knife cannot be missing in a collection placed in a showcase, it will attract attention, or simply enjoy using it.

Visually one of the most spectacular in my collection.

Things i love

- Its general appearance, in particular the shape of the blade and the inverted tanto type tip, the damascus steel along with the pattern and color of the handle as well as the fact that it is G10 with carbon fiber. Visually spectacular.

- The smoothness of ceramic bearings

- The detail of putting a sheath seems silly but hardly anyone puts a rigid sheath on their knives, point in favor.

- I must repeat again: the blade!

- Good build quality, materials and assembly.

Cosas que cambiaría

- In this price range, the steel falls short, you should have a better steel for this price, but you are forgiven for the magnificent vision of this 67-layer damascus blade. But it has a VG10 core too, that's pretty cool.

- Although not important, I would have put a jimping on top of the blade and not just on top of the handle.


Where to buy it

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