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The strongest recommended survival knife popularity! [For camping]

In outdoor camps, knives for cutting ingredients and handling caught fish are useful. However, many people may be dissatisfied with their sharpness and strength. If the knife is not sharp, the fun of camping will be halved. Therefore, we recommend the survival knife. Survival knives are specially made for the outdoors, so they boast outstanding sharpness and strength. We also recommend the foldable type and the survival knife that contains convenient tools such as a can opener. This time, I explained in detail the types of such survival knives, how to choose them, and popular products. If you are an outdoor hobbyist or are considering purchasing a survival knife, please refer to it.


How to use a survival knife

Various kinds of ingredients can be cut

The basic usage of a survival knife is to cut ingredients such as vegetables and meat. You can prepare the ingredients necessary for a barbecue on the spot. If you just want to cut it, you can take the knife out of your house, but the feeling of cutting the ingredients with a survival knife becomes a habit. Since many models have high strength, it is also a point that the blade does not break easily and you can use it with confidence.


You can also handle the fish you catch with the bones

If you like fishing, you may also use a survival knife to tighten and handle the fish. With a sharp knife, you can easily handle hard bones. It is also convenient for separating food. When used for fishing, it is sold as a fishing knife, and there are many compact and lightweight models available.


Can also be used for chopping wood and starting a fire

One of the real thrills of camp is the bonfire and campfire. Commercially available firewood has a certain size, so it is not difficult to start a fire, but it is not so if it is locally procured. Therefore, if you use a survival knife to chop wood, you can adjust the thickness to make it more flammable. When choosing a survival knife for chopping wood, we recommend a structure in which the metal of the blade runs to the rear end of the handle. With this, you don't have to worry about breaking it.


The jagged part helps to cut the fiber system

The survival knife that you often see in movies has a jagged back, isn't it? You may have been wondering what this jaggedness is for. It is designed to cut fibers such as ropes and ivy. Since it acts like a saw, you can easily cut fibers that are difficult to cut with a normal knife. There are surprisingly many situations where ropes are used, so it is useful.


Types of survival knives


Folding knife

Can be stored by folding the blade

Folding knives are highly portable knives that can be stored by folding the blade. It's less durable than a sheath knife, but it's okay if you're cutting ingredients. It's easy to carry, so it's convenient for mountaineering and trekking.

However, maintenance after use is indispensable because dirt easily collects on the folding moving parts and leads to rust. Let's remove the dirt firmly. When choosing a folding knife, a model with a lock function is safe because the blade does not pop out.


Sheath knife

Sturdy and long blade length, so for full-scale outdoor use

If you are looking for a strong survival knife, we recommend the sheath knife. It does not have a folding function and is stored in a sheath called a sheath for carrying. Utilizing its high durability, it can be expected to play an active role in full-scale outdoor activities such as shaving wood and crackling firewood.

In addition, the simple structure makes it easy to handle, so it is perfect not only for advanced users who are accustomed to the outdoors but also for beginners who are new to knives. Maintenance is also relatively easy when the sharpness is reduced. It's easy to sharpen, so it will soon return to its original sharpness.


Tool knife

Full of convenient functions such as can opener and file

Have you ever had a troubled experience of forgetting a can opener at a camp? Tool knives are useful in such situations. Tool knives have many useful features such as a can opener, screwdriver, and spoon. A model with a file will come in handy when you want to make a fire.

Various names are used for tool knives depending on the store. They are called Swiss Army knives, multifunction knives, Totoku knives, etc. It is convenient to have a large number of tools, but if there are too many tools, it will be difficult to use, so select only the functions that you need. It is encouraging to prepare one as a disaster prevention product as well as for outdoor use.


How to choose a survival knife


Select by blade material

Carbon steel is recommended if sharpness is important

For those who want to stick to the sharpness of the knife, we recommend the survival knife made of carbon steel (carbon copper) material. It is smooth to cut hardwood and is perfect for chopping wood. To keep using it for a long time, carefully remove the dirt after use. Carbon steel can be black rusted, which helps maintain sharpness.


Stainless steel is hard to rust and easy to maintain

Stainless steel is a familiar material often used in cooking utensils such as pots and kitchen knives. It is less sharp than carbon steel, but it does not rust easily, so maintenance is easy. I am happy that the price is reasonable. Ideal for sea fishing where seawater easily adheres and for camping at the waterside. If you are concerned about the sharpness, you can use a whetstone.


Choose from blade shapes

Durable flat grind

Survival knife blades come in several shapes, and this cross-section is called the grind. The sharpness and durability will differ depending on the grind. A general V-shaped blade is called a flat grind, which is highly durable and can be used for a long time. The sharpness is sufficient and it is easy to sharpen, so it is also recommended for those who have a knife for the first time.


Hollow grind that does not easily lose its sharpness even after repeated sharpening

Hollow grind has a thinner blade than flat grind. The durability is not so high, but the sharpness is quite good. Even with repeated sharpening, it has the advantage of being less sharp than flat grind. It's better to use it as a hunting or fishing knife instead of using it roughly like chopping wood.


Choose by the ease of use

Safe to handle with lock function

Folding knives can lead to dangerous accidents if they are inadvertently opened when carried or closed during use. The design itself is designed to be safe to use, but if you want to be more secure, choose a type with a lock function. There are several types, such as a liner lock that operates on the closing side of the blade and a back lock that locks on the backside of the handle. It is recommended for beginners because the back lock is easy to handle.


Let's also pay attention to the grip part

Survival knives tend to focus only on the blade part, but the grip part where you hold it also plays an important role. If it is difficult to hold, it will be difficult to use and you will not be able to make full use of the knife. Materials can be divided into two types: natural materials and artificial materials. Natural materials include high-class black dais, and you can enjoy a unique pattern that is unique to two of the same. Artificial materials include carbon fiber and plastic and have a shape that fits comfortably in your hand.



A durable survival knife is recommended

Survival knives shouldn't be easily disabled, so it's best to choose them for their durability. If you often use it hard, such as chopping wood, we recommend a sheath knife with a long blade length. The best material for the blade is carbon steel, which can easily scrape hardwood. Considering the shape of the blade, the flat grind, which has excellent durability, is the best choice. This time, we introduced the survival knife in detail, citing popular brand names. Please find an easy-to-use survival knife that will make your outdoors even more comfortable.



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