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14 Recommended Popularity Rankings for Outdoor Axes

An outdoor ax that is very useful in outdoor activities such as camping. It is a convenient item that can also be used for chopping wood for bonfires. However, various judgment factors include affordable items from overseas brands such as Husqvarna, sharpness, function, size, design, etc. Therefore, it is often difficult to decide which one to choose.

Therefore, this time, we will introduce the recommended outdoor axes purchased online in a ranking format. In the first half of the article, we will explain how to choose one, so please find an outdoor ax that you can use with confidence.

How to choose an outdoor ax

There are various types of axes, such as size and price. Here are some tips on how to choose an ax that is suitable for outdoor use.

 Compact and lightweight hatchet of about 30-40 cm is easy to use

A hatchet of around 40 cm is famous for cutting firewood into easy-to-use sizes and using an ax for simple pruning. It's easy to carry, and it's easy to use when breaking firewood or dropping branches, so it's easy to handle even for beginners with an ax. Suggest to include Beginner Outdoor Gear.

For people and women who think that a 40 cm ax is too big, compact size of about 30 cm is also an option. If you just split a small amount of light pruning or cut firewood, it's easier to use because it has a smaller turn.

However, the weight also changes depending on the importance of the blade, so it is not always light because it is compact. Therefore, it is essential first to select the easy to hold according to your physique. Then, let your friends use it, go to a home improvement store and touch it to check the size and weight you need.

Select the type according to the application

Even if it is limited to the outdoor scene, there are various ways to use the ax. Depending on the application, a compact hatchet may not be enough, so please refer to the selection method according to the following applications.

If you want to cut out firewood from a log, use the large and heavy "firewood chopping."

If you want to cut out firewood from a log to enjoy the outdoors in earnest, a hatchet of about 40 cm is not enough. Choose an ax for chopping wood that has a certain amount of weight and a thick cutting edge. However, large axes are difficult to handle, and it can take longer to pull the ax stuck out of the tree than it takes to swing it down.

Therefore, a full-fledged wood-splitting ax is still an item for advanced users. However, it is not suitable for choosing an ax for the first time, so beginners should start with a hatchet and gradually increase the rank.

This is enough for simple pruning, and it is a great value "multi-type" that can be used for multiple purposes.

For those who find it convenient to have an ax but don't use it that much, a multi-purpose multi-type is also an option. Like the Totoku knife, one body comes with various functions, so the point is that you can feel good. In addition, it comes with multiple functions, so it is helpful to have less luggage.

In addition to the multi-type, there is also a simple dual-purpose type with an ax +1, such as a hexagon wrench, line cutter, and bottle opener. This is a bonus feature, but it's surprisingly convenient. If you want to use the ax for a bit of profit, this is also recommended.

Choose with safety in mind

Safety must be paid attention to in outdoor activities, so it is also very important to use Safety Outdoor Gear.

Safety is also an essential factor when choosing an ax, a blade with a considerable blade length. Here are some points to keep in mind, so be sure to check them out.

Select a blade that does not come off or loosen. If you are worried, the integrated type is recommended.

The scariest thing about using an ax is that the cutting edge comes off. In particular, if only the cutting edge comes off when you swing it down, you will not know where it will fly, and people around you will be in danger. To avoid such risk, check the cutting edge and handle the attachment part carefully to understand the structure.

It is safer to avoid things such as EC site reviews with many comments that the head part is wobbling. We also recommend the integrated type with the cutting edge and handle in one for those who are worried that the cutting edge will come off. Of course, it is also essential to make a habit of checking the performance of the ax for wobbling before using it without overconfidence.

Choose one with a storage case or cover. More secure if you can cover the whole

If you leave the ax blade exposed, it is hazardous when you carry it around and store it. Therefore, a particular case or cover is required to handle the ax safely. The ax may come with a body, but the presence or absence of the surface depends on the product, so check in advance.

Even if the attached cover is attached, there are various types, from a case-shaped one covering the whole to a simple cover that covers only the cutting edge. If you are not satisfied with the included cap, you need to wrap it in a towel or purchase a separate cover.

Be sure to check the shape and ease of holding the grip

The shape of the grip changes the usability of the ax. In addition, the material, body, and angle of the handle will change the burden on the wrist and how the force is applied, so be sure to check it carefully.

In addition to the performance of the central unit, it is also essential that it is easy for you to grasp. It is best to touch the product, but it is recommended to refer to the word of mouth if it is difficult.


Outdoor ax Recommended popularity ranking.

We are introducing popular outdoor axes in a ranking format. The ranking is based on the best-selling orders (as of April 14, 2021) of each EC site, such as Amazon, Rakuten, and Walmart Shopping.




With hexagon wrench function! Compact size that is convenient to carry

A compact handaxe that children, as well as adults, can use. The head is equipped with a 3-size hexagon wrench function that can also be used for adjusting camping gear. It uses a wooden grip that fits in your hand, so you don't have to worry about it slipping out.

It is easy to handle, and it is an item that is sure to play an active part in bonfires and barbecues at camps.

Weight: 300g

Size: 26cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Stainless steel

Storage case: Yes



Husqvarna Camping ax 576926301

A small type with good maneuverability that is perfect for chopping wood

A small, easy-to-carry camping ax. If you use the attached edge cover, you can also connect it to the belt. The handle is made of American hickory material and has a bow-like shape that makes it easy to hold.

It is convenient to have one when you need wood, such as during a campfire. You can hang it on your waist, so it won't get in the way when you collect firewood.

Weight: 784g

Size: 37.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Handmade forging, hickory

Storage case: ---



Ultra Natura Hand hatchet

The handle and blade are seamless, and power is easily transmitted

An ergonomically designed wood-splitting ax that prevents the handle from slipping. The blade and handle are integrated, and the force is transmitted efficiently, so the work is smooth. It is a lightweight type that is easy to carry and does not get in the way even if it is hooked on a bag.

The shape makes it easy to chop firewood, so it's perfect for people who want to chop wood while sitting. You can easily create a lot of firewood.

Weight: 576g

Size: 23cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Fiberglass, iron, PP

Storage case: ---



OneStep Ax

Small and firm blade length. Recommended for pruning

The point is a considerable blade length despite its compact size. It comes with 5th-grade gloves that are resistant to cuts, and the handle is designed to be easy to grip, so it is easy to use. It has a hole at the tip so that you can hang it for storage.

Perfect for anyone looking for an ax to make a fire. It is also suitable for cutting branches to be helpful as a companion for mountain walking.

Weight: 800g

Size: 38.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Steel, wood

Storage case: ---



Husqvarna Hatchet

Orange paint improves visibility during work.

A German-made ax made of high-quality steel that is sharp and easy to sharpen. A part of the pattern made of ash is painted orange to improve visibility in the forest. It's a consideration that is typical of Husqvarna, which handles professional forestry products.

An item that is convenient to have when working in the garden or walking in the mountains, and camping.

Weight: 820g

Size: 36cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Iron, ash

Storage case: ---



Hultafors scout 840025 H006SV

Hand-forged Swedish steel, spill-resistant ax

A small ax with a blasted blade surface and precise lacquer treatment. Swedish steel is used as the material to prevent the blade from spilling, and the attached leather cover protects it well when storing and carrying around. The hickory handle is reasonably curved and easy to hold.

The perfect item to enjoy the outdoors in the forest or mountains. It is also recommended for people who want to work, such as pruning in the garden.

Weight: 900g

Size: 38cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Swedish steel, hickory

Storage case: ---



Parent Works Uniframe Tsubame Sanjo No Ax

With a groove to fold wood, you can make firewood smoothly.

It features a unique shape with a groove on the back of the ax. Thin branches and boards can be easily folded using the principle of leverage. The grip has a body that fits easily in hand and is made of a non-slip material, making it extremely easy to use. It comes with a unique sheath and is perfect for portability.

It can be cut and folded with this one, so it is perfect for those who are looking for a wood-splitting ax for burning. In addition, it will be instrumental in solo camp.

Weight: 450g

Size: 27.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Carbon steel, EPDM

Storage case: ---



ALEC Hand ax

A small ax that can improve efficiency with a case with a belt hole

A compact ax that can be used with one hand. The curved handle is ergonomically designed and can be gripped with great force. It's easy to carry because it has a cover that completely hides the cutting edge and has a belt hole.

An item that can be used as camping gear and for debranching and logging when walking in the mountains. It is a dish that can satisfy both beginners and advanced users.

Weight: 800g

Size: 38cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Steel, hickory

Storage case: ---



JEEP Tomahawk

Easy to hold with rubber material, recommended for mountain walking

A sturdy tomahawk made by one-piece forging that does not wobble the handle and blade. The maximum thickness of the peak is about 2 cm thick enough to withstand chopping wood. The handle is made of rubber for easy grip, and the blade has the Jeep logo, which combines practicality and design.

It is convenient to have one not only for camping but also for hiking. There is no doubt that it will come in handy.

Weight: ---

Size: 28.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Stainless steel

Storage case: ---




A multi-tool that can do anything, which is very useful even in an emergency

A multi-tool is equipped with nine types of functions that are useful outdoors, such as axes, hammers, screwdrivers, and knives. Its compact size and excellent portability are also attractive. In addition, the handle part is made based on ergonomics and has incredible grip.

This one can be used in various ways, so it is sure to come in handy not only in camping but also in disasters and emergencies. So it would be convenient to have one.

Weight: 510g

Size: 17.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Stainless steel

Storage case: ---



Glens Fochbrook Wildlife 33004-PE

A well-balanced piece that can be used for both pruning and burning

A small ax that fits comfortably in your hand and is easy to grip. If you carry it around your waist using the separately sold Ax Holster, you will have both hands free and work efficiency will improve. Made of sharp Swedish steel, it has a good weight balance and is sure to play an active part in any place.

If you are looking for a high-quality ax that is easy to use, why not give it a try. When working in the forest or mountains, it's convenient to take it out quickly.

Weight: 440g

Size: 34.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Swedish steel

Storage case: ---



Hultafors Ogelfan Mini Hatchet

The handle is short and compact! Lightweight type that is best for carrying

Following the traditional manufacturing method from 1697, the head is oxidized at 800 degrees to prevent corrosion. The cutting edge is carefully polished and can be used habitually for a long time by protecting it with a leather sheath. The handle is short and relatively lightweight, so it is also attractive to carry around, such as putting it in a backpack or hanging it on your waist.

Convenient for lightly wiping twigs and chopping firewood when camping. If you're looking for a mini-sized ax, be sure to check it out.

Weight: 775g

Size: 23.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Swedish steel, hickory

Storage case: ---



Fireside Brandy Camp Hatchet Warbler 10524

2way specification that can be used as both an ax and a hammer

A camping hatchet with a moderately heavy blade and a solid handle. The pattern is colored in a light blue color, and it is finished in a tasteful design. The blade head is designed like a hammer and can also be used for pegging.

A product with an easy-to-work head that can efficiently cut twigs and chop wood. As a hammer to drive pegs, it will also come in handy when setting up a tent.

Weight: 500g

Size: 33cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Iron, tamo wood

Storage case: ---




Multi-tool that can be used for axes, screwdrivers, line cutters, etc.

A full tongue structure ax that does not easily bend or break. Adopting thick stainless steel, the weight is perfect. In addition, it comes with a hexagon bolt screwdriver and a line cutter to be helpful in applications other than axes.

It has a wide range of uses, so it is perfect for people who want to reduce their luggage as much as possible. It will also be helpful in solo camps.

Weight: ---

Size: 26.5cm

Cover: Yes

Material: Stainless steel

Storage case: ---


Check out the items to enjoy the bonfire safely!

Once you have your ax ready to crack the wood, bring along the other items you need for your bonfire. A bonfire and gloves are essential items to enjoy a bonfire safely. In the following articles, we will introduce how to choose a bonfire and gloves and recommended products, so please check them out.


For those who want to chop small firewood, we also recommend the easy-to-use hatchet.

This time, we mainly introduced axes that can be used outdoors, but we also recommend the hatchet, which is compact and easy to handle if you break a small piece of firewood. The following article introduces how to choose hatchets that can be used outdoors and recommended products, so please check them out as well.



This time, we introduced the outdoor ax in a ranking format. How was it?


The ax is an indispensable item for the orthodox school that wants to do it by chopping wood. Please refer to this article to find an easy-to-use ax that suits your experience and physique.


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