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Recommended sheath knife popularity! [For chopping wood]

Many people will enjoy the outdoors such as camping, mountaineering, and fishing. When cooking outdoors, it is recommended to use a knife instead of a kitchen knife. In particular, the sheath knife is versatile and can be used not only for cooking but also for chopping wood and shaving wood. It can also be used in an emergency, so it's always useful to have a sheath knife when you go outdoors. In this article, we will explain the features, types, and usage of sheath knives. The knife that suits you depends on the application, so please refer to it and choose a knife that is easy to use.


What is a sheath knife?

A highly durable knife with an integrated blade and handle

A sheath knife is a knife in which a blade and a handle are integrated. It is a type that fits the blade in a sheath and is popular because it is simple and easy to use even for beginners. It has no folding function and the entire knife is integrated, making it durable and sturdy.


Can be widely used from cooking to chopping wood

Speaking of the outdoors, cooking outdoors is one of the pleasures. Instead of a kitchen knife, the sheath knife can also cut meat and vegetables and handle fish. It is also suitable for detailed work. For example, if you forget your chopsticks, you can cut the branches of a tree to make chopsticks or make skewers for grilling fish. Another feature of sheath knives is that they can be widely used, such as cutting hard objects such as ropes and using them for chopping wood instead of an ax.


Types of sheath knives

Full tang

Full tang is recommended if you use it for hard things such as chopping wood

Full tang is made of steel with a single blade. The structure is such that the steel material runs from the tip of the knife to the back of the handle material. The steel material is exposed so that it is sandwiched between the materials of the handle, and it is characteristic that you can immediately recognize it as a full tang knife by looking at the top and bottom of the knife.

Structurally, it is relatively stronger than other knives. With other knives, there is a risk that the knife will break while chopping wood during batoning, but with the ruggedness of a full tang knife, that is less of a concern. It will be suitable for hard usage such as using it as a substitute for an ax.


Narrow Lang

Small type with good sharpness and suitable for light work

Narrow tang is made of steel that is thinner than the handle and is inserted by making a hole in the handle. And it is a type that fixes the knife to the handle by fixing that part with adhesive or screws. Scandinavian knives are said to have many narrow tangs.

Narrow tangs are easy to use for cooking and fishing, and you can even chop wood with batoning. However, it is less robust than full tang. Some say that even if it doesn't break, it makes a strange noise after chopping wood with batoning. Narrow tang is not very hard to use and is suitable for light work.


Concealed tang

Lightweight, rust-resistant, and easy to handle even for women

A concealed tang is a knife that is structurally close between a narrow tang and a full tang. Like the narrow tang, the steel material is inserted into the handle, but it is smaller than the handle material, so it is not screwed. Since the steel material is not exposed to the outside, it has the characteristic of being resistant to rust.

The concealed tang is very lightweight knife because the steel material is smaller than the handle material. Therefore, even women can easily handle it. However, it is not very strong. It is not suitable for chopping wood and is recommended for cooking and fishing.


How to choose a sheath knife

Choose the length of the blade

Easy to work with 6-10 cm

To select a sheath knife, first select the length of the blade. The length of the blade is an important point, and the suitable application depends on the length. The shorter the blade, the closer you can work with your fingers. If you have a length of about 6 to 10 cm, you will be able to do all the light work such as camping.


The larger the size, the heavier the weight, so consider the ease of holding.

To chop wood or chop wood, we recommend about 15 cm. However, the longer the blade, the heavier it becomes and the more difficult it is to carry. Also, the point to note is about the violation of the Firearm and Sword Law. According to Japanese law, if the blade length is 6 cm or more, it must be carried in a case. You can carry it for good reasons such as camping or fishing, but be aware that it is illegal to wear it for self-defense or fashion.


Choose the shape of the blade

Clip point if the purpose is to cut or stab

The clip point is the curved shape of the back of the blade. Due to this curved relief, it is easy to cut and pierce. It is easy to use for handling fish and has good sharpness, so you can work without much effort.


Caper point for detailed work

The caper point is a relatively small blade type with a thin and sharp blade. Due to its sharpness, it is good at piercing and suitable for detailed work. It is suitable for hunting and handling small animals, and for fishing and catching small fish. Due to its small size, it is lightweight, easy to carry, and easy to use.


Choose steel

Made of stainless steel for easy maintenance for beginners

The characteristic of stainless steel is that it is resistant to rust. Therefore, maintenance is easy. Even beginners can keep it beautiful. Stainless steel has the drawback of being difficult to sharpen, but it is resistant to rust and does not need to be sharpened frequently. There are also stainless steel knives that are a little more expensive but easier to sharpen.


Carbon steel if you are particular about profound brilliance and sharpness

Carbon steel is made of an alloy of carbon and iron. The brilliance of the blade, which is not found in stainless steel, is attractive. Depending on the steel, a unique pattern is created, and it is recommended for those who like the sharpness peculiar to carbon steel. However, it is easier to rust than stainless steel, so it is necessary to maintain it properly. It's easy to sharpen, so some people may enjoy taking care of it.


Choose a handle material

If you are looking for individuality, natural materials that make use of natural materials

Handle materials include natural materials made from pristine materials. For example, wood-based wood that makes use of natural wood with beautiful grain, and stag that makes use of deer horns and shellfish. Because each has different qualities, it is rich in color and individuality. Since natural materials are limited, many of them are relatively expensive, but it is recommended for those who are particular about the beauty of the handle.


Artificial material if it has excellent durability and corrosion resistance

There are also handles made of synthetic resin, laminated plywood, and artificial materials made of Micarta. Synthetic resin is made of nylon or steel, and laminated plywood is made of synthetic resin and natural wood. In addition, Micarta is manufactured by injecting resin into cloth, hemp, paper, etc., and compressing it, and some of them have a jump in price. Artificial materials are more resistant to deformation and more durable than natural materials.


Choose with sheath

A nylon sheath is also resistant to water

There are several types of sheaths for sheath knives, but the most resistant to water is the nylon sheath made of nylon. Therefore, it is also suitable for outdoor activities and fishing on rainy days. It is also strong, so it covers the blade firmly.


Leather sheath for comfort

The leather sheath is made of leather. The scent of leather is good, and the more you use it, the more the texture changes and the more attractive it becomes. Although it is soft to the touch and comfortable to use, leather is sensitive to water. We recommend that you use it so that it does not get wet.



Full tang sheath knives are recommended for outdoor activities

In this article, we have introduced that sheath knives come in a variety of structures, blades, and handle types. Among them, the full tang structure knife is especially recommended because it is sturdy and many products are easy to use. With just one full tang sheath knife, you'll find it useful in camping, hunting, fishing, and more. Find a knife that suits your needs and enjoy the outdoors.


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