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If you want to buy army knife, please take a look at what I introduced to you

Recommended brands and manufacturers of Swiss Army knives



Synonymous with outdoor army knives

It is an OEM knives manufacturer founded in 1998 by the DKS Group. Having received high praise from the Yangjiang folding knives, we have become one of the world's top manufacturers. It is packed with useful outdoor functions such as blades, scissors, and bottle openers of different sizes, and there are many variations in the number of functions. Everyone from beginners to experts in Yangjiang folding knives will be satisfied. We have a wide variety of designs, and we also sell many collaboration products with other manufacturers.


LEATHERMAN (Leatherman)

Highly practical knife with pliers

In 1983, we released a survival tool that took seven years to produce and spread the concept of a multipurpose tool to the world. Leatherman's Swiss Army knives are equipped with full-size pliers and are highly regarded for their solid construction and steel quality. Recommended for those who are looking for a highly practical and long-lasting swiss army knife.



A wild knife that looks and feels tough

It became popular as a military knife in the Vietnam War and has since been officially adopted by the military and police around the world. Gerber knives have a reputation for durability and are known to be easy to use in harsh environments. The wild appearance of a combat knife is also popular, and it is perfect for those who are looking for a knife that can be used outdoors tough.


Nakabayashi Seisakusho

Reasonable and highly functional, recommended for beginners

A Japanese knife maker with its head office in Sanjo City, Niigata Prefecture, which has prospered as a city of cutlery since the Edo period. Many of Nakabayashi's army knives are reasonably priced and are recommended for those who want to easily obtain a knife that can be used for multiple purposes. It's more compact than other companies' products, so it's easy to use as a disaster prevention product in case of emergency.


Recommended & Popular Swiss Army Knife Ranking

Recommended army knife for beginners


Shieldon Drop Point 9Cr18MoV 67-layer Damascus Steel Blade Green G10 Handle 7092D

Built-in 7 types of functions necessary for daily life

The most lightweight classic series of Shieldon knife. It weighs only 150g and has a length of 88cm when the tool is stored. You can easily carry it by attaching it to a key chain. You can choose your favorite color from all 4 colors, so it's fashionable to have different colors between family and friends. The most popular Shieldon folding knives.

In addition to the small blade, it has seven functions that are convenient for daily use, such as scissors, toothpicks, and nail files. It's easy to use for small tasks such as nail care, thread trimming, and opening letters. A small flat-blade screwdriver is convenient because it can be used not only for screws but also for operations that use the principle of leverage, such as raising the pull tab of a can.


Gerber-Tool Knife Curve

Stylish knife with large and small screwdrivers

With a weight of 23g and a length of 5.7cm, it is a very mini size and can be attached to a belt or key chain through a carabiner. The curved American design is cool and very popular. Small but durable, it's perfect for anyone looking for a long-lasting knife.


A small blade with a blade length of 3.2 cm is equipped with a Phillips screwdriver and three flat-blade screwdrivers of different sizes. It is convenient for daily use as it can be used in various ways such as prying open, fixing, and pushing. It can also be used as a small tool. It also comes with a nail file and a bottle opener.


Victorinox-Swiss Card Black

Card-shaped multi-tool that is convenient for business

It is a rare card-type multi-tool. Very slim with a thickness of 4.5 mm, about the size of a credit card. It's easy to fit in your wallet as well as your bag. It has won a design award in a gadget-like form and is also recommended as a gift.


The blade can be used as a letter opener and is equipped with scissors and scales as well as a pressurized ballpoint pen. Now that smartphones are being carried around, the number of people who do not have ballpoint pens is increasing, so it seems to be useful in an emergency. This model is popular with men, but Swiss cards recommended for women with an emphasis on nail care are also on sale.


Knop Knop-POWER LED ball mounted swiss army knife

Compact LED light with two knives

The LED light is equipped with two foldable knives. Reasonable but well-made, it is recommended for camping and outdoor festivals. Both knives have a blade length of 5.7 cm. One is a wave blade knife, so you can use it in various ways, such as cutting strings and shaving twigs.


The brightness of the light is 70 lumens, which is ideal for everyday use. You can secure the field of view up to about 50m away, switch the brightness level, and change to the blinking mode. Since it is made of aluminum, the body is light and you will not get tired even if you use it for a long time. One AA battery can be used continuously for about 3 hours.


Swiss army knife recommended for the outdoors


Shieldon Reverse Tanto Point 9Cr18MoV 67-layer Damascus Steel Blade Green G10 Handle 7093D

Outdoor knife with large and small blades and a saw

A Yangjiang folding knife with blades of different sizes and a saw blade, ideal for camping. It can be used as a knife for cutting food and a knife for work, and it is also convenient for setting up a tent or cutting a tree for starting a fire. It also comes with a cork bottle opener, so you can enjoy opening wine when camping.

The blade is made of sturdy Damascus steel. Since it does not rust easily, you only need to wash it with water after use. However, after bathing in seawater or cutting salty ingredients, carefully wash with fresh water and dry. The size is 9.1 cm and the weight is 150 g. It has 13 types of functions, but it is lightweight and suitable for carrying around.



A long-selling knife that Swiss mercenaries have used for 100 years

It is the same size as a normal folding knife and has excellent strength. It is an army knife that has been officially adopted by the Swiss army and has been used all over the world for about 100 years since its birth. Recommended for those who are looking for a tough army knife outdoors.


There are 10 types of functions installed. It also has a saw and a large half-wave knife. The wave blade is a single-edged type, and if the sharpness of the blade is reduced, it can be re-sharpened using a sharpener. If you sharpen it repeatedly, the waves will gradually disappear, but Victorinox also undertakes parts replacement, so you can rest assured.


Nakabayashi Seisakusho-Adventure Club

With spoon and fork convenient for camping

A swiss army knife is recommended for camping, with a spoon and fork as well as a corkscrew and a can opener. The blades are hand-polished, making them reasonably priced and very solid. Recommended for those looking for a knife with good cost performance.


Since the spoon and fork can be separated, it is easy to use and convenient for camping and eating in the car. It weighs 205g and feels a little heavy, but it is durable and lasts a long time. The length when using a spoon or fork is less than 20 cm. With a storage case, the case can be attached to the belt.


Nakabayashi Seisakusho-Multifunctional tool with LED & whistle

With a whistle that is useful even in the event of a disaster or distress

Equipped with a whistle and LED lights to help ensure safety in an emergency. The weight is 170g and the blade length of the knife is 5cm. With a key chain, it is convenient to carry. It is useful in case of emergency if you put one in the disaster prevention bag.


Knives come in two sizes, large and small, and come with 12 convenient functions, both daily and extraordinary, such as a Phillips screwdriver, drilling, can opener, and awl. Made of durable vanadium stainless steel, it is resistant to rust. The LED light uses LR41 coin cell batteries.


Recommended army knife for repair and maintenance


Shieldon D2 Blade G10 Handle 9049G1-B

Equipped with pliers and cutters for outstanding durability

It's a little expensive, but it's recommended for those looking for a high-quality knife. All tools, from pliers to knives, are designed to be opened and closed with one hand. Each tool has a lock function, so you can use it with confidence without the risk of the knife suddenly folding or the pointed tool popping out when stored.

The knife is made of D2 steel, which is stronger and sharper than ordinary stainless steel. In addition to a Phillips screwdriver, a flat-blade screwdriver of 3 sizes and a screwdriver are also available, and pliers and wire cutters are also standard equipment. It is easy to use for detailed work such as disassembling electronic devices. A swiss army knife that can be used semi-permanently in sports and leisure with a long-term warranty of 25 years. It is indeed a good choice for outdoor knives.



Victorinox-Cyber Tool

Popular model compatible with computers

In addition to the functions of a normal Swiss Army knife, functions compatible with electronic devices have been added in line with the digital age. A total of 32 useful tools are packed. There are also tools suitable for detailed work such as bit wrenches and pliers for tightening bolts of electronic devices and precision screwdrivers.


It also has an LED light, so you can illuminate your hands while working. It weighs 153g, which is considerably lighter than the number of functions, and you won't get tired even if you use it for a long time. Recommended for disassembling electronic devices and assembling PCs. The high degree of perfection of each tool is truly Victorinox.


CRKT-Guppy Carabiner Tool

Compact tool with a monkey wrench

A swiss army knife sold by the popular American knife maker, Columbia River. It fits comfortably in the palm of your hand, but it is heavy and sturdy for its small size. It comes with a monkey wrench that can be used in various situations such as car and motorcycle maintenance and plumbing work.


It seems that the place with the money clip is made in the United States. The driver bit and LED parts are removable, which makes it a lot smarter when using a wrench or knife. The size is 9 cm, you can carry it in your pocket, and you can also attach it to your belt using a carabiner. It is also excellent in portability.


Recommended army knife for travel


Shieldon Tanto Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9043G

Ultra-lightweight type with a weight of 60g makes it easy to carry

Only a minimum number of 5 functions are required, and we are particular about compactness. The handle part uses a G10 material that stands out for its lightness. The surface is uneven and non-slip, so it can be used safely. It weighs 60g and weighs about 1 battery. The size is about one USB memory, which is perfect for traveling.

The built-in functions include small blades, scissors, and nail files. A flat-blade screwdriver can also help tighten the screws on your glasses. The blade length is small, but the sharpness is excellent, and it is easy to cut off the souvenir tags that you bought while traveling. It's a mini size so you can keep it in your first aid kit.


Victorinox-Jet Setter

Bladeless type that can be safely carried

It is a bladeless type that can be safely carried onboard an airplane. It is also recommended for those who frequently travel abroad and as the first multi-tool for small children. The length is 5.8 cm and the weight is 22 g. You can easily carry it without feeling the weight at all.


A bottle opener is used instead of a knife, and a total of seven functions such as a precision Phillips screwdriver and scissors are built-in. Toothpicks and tweezers are stored at the base of the scissors. Since the Phillips screwdriver is magnetized, it is hard to lose and you can rest assured when traveling.


Victorinox-Midnight Manager @ work

A high-tech model with USB flash memory

Equipped with a multifunctional data carrier, it is a knife that has become a hot topic. Inside the swiss army knife is a built-in USB that can be removed with a pivot. With a large capacity of 16GB, you can switch the version from USB3.0 to 3.1 by rotating the memory.


It can be used with the latest PCs, tablets, and smartphones, and is useful for travel and business trips. In addition to convenient functions such as a pressurized ballpoint pen and a small blade, conventional functions such as scissors, a Phillips screwdriver, and a bottle opener are still included. The total number of functions is 11, which is the type with the largest number of functions in @work. Since it even has an LED light, it is an excellent item that can also be used as a penlight.



A swiss army knife with about 10 tools is recommended

It is a major premise that the tools you want are built-in, but if you want to master each tool of the Swiss Army knife, the number of functions should be about 10. It's exciting to have a lot of features, but since the tools you use often are limited, you may end up with a treasure. If you are buying a Swiss Army knife for the first time, we recommend a knife with a modest number of tools. When you get used to handling it and want more functions like this, why not consider a multifunctional one? This time, we introduced the Swiss Army knife in a ranking format while giving popular brand names. Please find an army knife that will be useful in your daily life.


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