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I'll tell you how to choose the outdoor peg hammer

When setting up a tent or tarp, don't forget the peg hammer. Many tents come with a plastic peg hammer, so some beginners may wonder if they need to buy one. In this article, we will explain the necessity of such outdoor tools. If you are worried about choosing, please refer to it.


What is a peg hammer?

A hammer that can drive a peg from a wide striking surface to the depths of the ground

The nails used to secure a tent or tarp to the ground are called pegs. A hammer that specializes in hitting a peg against the ground is called a peg hammer. There are various shapes of pegs, but the striking surface is designed to be wider than a general hammer so that you can hit the pegs at once.


There is a part to hook the peg on the opposite side of the striking part

The peg hammer is equipped with a hook and a hole at the rear of the striking surface and can be pulled out by hooking the peg. The fact that it is easy to pull out the pegs stuck in the ground is a major feature of the peg hammer. Unlike pulling out by holding the peg directly by hand, you can do it without any effort, so you can easily clean up the camp.


Types and usage of peg hammers


Hall type

Hall type corresponding to various peg shapes

The part where the peg is removed has a holed shape, and the peg is pulled out bypassing the peg's barb through the hole. There are also Y-shaped pegs, but the most common type is the one with a barb. A hole-type peg hammer will be able to handle high-volume pegs.

The hole type is highly mediocre and can be used to pull out many pegs. Also, the solid-state, known for its strong pegs and often used by veteran campers, has a barb, so it goes very well with the hole type. Recommended for those who want to drive pegs firmly.


Hook type

Beak hook type that goes well with perforated pegs

The hook-shaped pull-out part has a shape similar to an elongated beak. Pass the hook through the peg with the hole and pull it out. It's convenient for pulling out Snow Peak's solid stakes and pegs with a ring-shaped head. You can safely and reliably pull out the pegs.

It boasts a large market share in cast pegs and is suitable for solid stakes, which are often used by veteran campers. Compatible with many pegs. If you have one hook-shaped peg hammer, you can pull out a peg stuck in the hard ground at the time of withdrawal in no time.


Claw type

Claw type that can be used for multiple purposes

As the name suggests, the claw type has a large curved shape like a claw. To use it, hook the tip of the claw part into the hole of the peg or the barb and pull it out. Since it has a simple shape, it can be used in various ways, such as hooking it on a round hole or the base of a barb.

There are not so many products that use the claw type among peg hammers. However, it is not inconvenient to use, and because it has a simple shape, it can be used in various ways other than pulling out the pegs. If you hook it on a small bulge, the location will be easy to understand and you will not have to look for a peg hammer.


How to choose a peg hammer

Select by the material of the head part

If the ground is hard, metal is recommended

It is a strong wind that you have to be careful about when setting up a tent. Cast metal pegs are encouraged to secure the tent, but plastic hammers can take a considerable amount of time to drive. With a metal peg hammer, the surface to be driven in is wide and the peg can be firmly fixed deep into the ground. In addition, metal is excellent in durability, so it is suitable for those who want to use it for as long as possible without replacing it.


If you think about ease of holding, use a rubber material

The rubber peg hammer is characterized by its lightweight. It is easy to hold even for people with weak strength, and it is relatively cheap and easy to obtain compared to metal. Even if you choose an outdoor brand manufacturer's product, you can purchase it in the price range of about 10 dollars. It is recommended for those who want to buy a peg hammer for the time being, but are worried about what to do. Also, since it is unlikely that you will hurt your hands, safety can be emphasized if you have children.


Choose by weight

Lightweight model of 300g or less if portability is important

Even among peg hammers, when it weighs less than 300g, it becomes a so-called lightweight model. Lightweight peg hammers aren't limited to rubber and plastic. Even with metal peg hammers, some models weigh less than 300g. Because it is light, it is highly portable and does not get in the way of your luggage. It is suitable for those who want to reduce the luggage of the camp as much as possible, and those who set up a tent on a mountain climbing or motorcycle.


If you want to drive the pegs firmly, 500g or more is recommended

Since the peg hammer hits the peg by its weight, a certain amount of weight is required. If you weigh at least 500g, you won't get any weird force and you can hit the pegs easily without damaging your hands. If you want one peg hammer that can be used for all rounds in any situation, we recommend choosing one that is heavy to some extent.



It is recommended to select the peg hammer according to the material part

The points to choose a peg hammer include weight, the shape of peg removal, and presence/absence. Among them, if you stick to the material part, it will lead to the ease of hitting the peg and the portability as a result. Please use it as a criterion for choosing a peg hammer.


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