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Outdoor life tools essentials: recommend some metal matches to warm your trip

Recommended brands and manufacturers of metal matches

Shieldon Knives

Good pocket knife brands and Django design and fashionable metal match is attractive

Outdoor life tools essentials

The Friendly Shieldon knife is recommended for those who want a fashionable medal match. With a Django design, you will surely feel better just by holding it. Of course, it is also very easy to use.


A popular manufacturer of affordable and highly portable metal matches

Outdoor life tools essentials

Captain stag with abundant outdoor goods such as camping equipment and sports equipment. Of course, we also have a large selection of metal matches. Captain Stag's medal match is very popular because it is very portable.

Bush Craft

A popular manufacturer with a wide range of products from beginners to experts

metal matches

Many people think of bushcraft when it comes to metal matches. It is a manufacturer that is so synonymous with metal matches. We have a wide variety of matches from beginners to expert metal matches. Recommended for those who want to choose with particularity.

Light My Fire

Manufacturer with abundant cost-effective metal matches with excellent portability

metal matches

Light My Fire's medal match is attractive at a reasonable price range. It can be said that many of them are a set of rods and strikers. It is ideal for those who are looking for a compact type with high portability.


You can buy a set metal match for $1

Ceria is a One-dollar shop that also focuses on outdoor goods. You can also buy a set of metal matches for $1. Captain Stag is also recommended if you want to buy metal matches cheaply, as you can only buy them at stores.

Mont-bell (currently not available)

We have clothing and tools for camping

Mont-bell handles a wide range of outdoor clothing and tools. Waterproof matches, which are convenient for starting a fire in a camp, are popular, but metal matches are not currently available. If you want a metal match from an outdoor specialty store, Captain Stag is recommended.

Daiso (currently not available)

Widely handles outdoor products

Daiso has a wide variety of goods that are convenient for outdoor activities and camping. There is currently no information that we are dealing with metal matches. For metal matches with excellent cost performance, Light My Fire is recommended.

Recommended & Popular Metal Match Ranking

Recommended metal match for set type

Bushcraft-Original Fire Steel 2.0

Sparks are easy to disperse and specifications of about 12000 times are possible

Bushcraft-Original Fire Steel 2.0 

This is a waterproof medal match. Therefore, it can be used with confidence even in bad weather. The attached cord uses 550 FireCord, so you can use it as a crater in case of emergency.

The rod size is large and easy to use. The striker part is also uneven so that it does not slip easily, so you can rub firmly without losing force. It can be used about 12000 times, so it is recommended for those who use it frequently.

Captain Stag-Handy Fire Starter

Convenient for storage with a case

Captain Stag-Handy Fire Starter

It's very compact and weighs only 28g. It is very suitable as lightweight outdoor gear if you have important requirements for luggage. The rope connects the rod to the striker so you don't have to worry about losing each one.

Since the rod part is made of magnesium alloy, sparks can be easily scattered by using a striker. What makes me happy is that it comes with a storage case. It's easy to carry, so it's perfect for disaster prevention in case of emergency.

Vargo-Ultimate Fire Starter

The fire-breathing cylinder is also included in the set, making it easy to ignite.

[caption id="attachment_9283" align="alignnone" width="600"]Vargo-Ultimate Fire Starter Vargo-Ultimate Fire Starter[/caption]

This is a type of metal match that comes with a set of fire-breathing cylinders that make it easier to make a fire. The tip of the fire-breathing cylinder is designed with a small mouth, and it is devised so that a constant air can be sent for a longer time. You will be able to ignite even if you use wet fallen leaves.

The fire-breathing cylinder part can be retracted, and the rod part can also be stored together. Therefore, it is easy to carry. The fire-breathing cylinder has a jagged striker, making it a very compact design.

Light My Fire-Fire Steel Scout BIO

A type that is convenient to carry because it is shaped like a key chain

[caption id="attachment_9284" align="alignnone" width="600"]Light My Fire-Fire Steel Scout BIO Light My Fire-Fire Steel Scout BIO[/caption]

This is recommended for those who are looking for a fashionable medal match. It's an item with a wide variety of colors that you can enjoy looking at. Since it is shaped like a key chain, it is also attractive that it is easy to carry.

Since it uses a water-resistant magnesium alloy, it also has the advantage of being strong even in bad weather. Therefore, even if you hang it on a bag, you will not be unable to use it due to condensation. The striker part is also equipped with a whistle, so you can rest assured in case of an emergency.

The Friendly Swede-Magnesium Fire Starter

Characterized by powerful sparks, it can also be used as a bottle opener

[caption id="attachment_9285" align="alignnone" width="600"]The Friendly Swede-Magnesium Fire Starter The Friendly Swede-Magnesium Fire Starter[/caption]

A compact metal match that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Most rods are rod-shaped, but they are block-shaped so they are easy to grip. Since it comes with a chain, you can attach it anywhere you like.

In the outdoor scene, there are many opportunities to open the lid of a drink. This is very convenient because it also has a function as a bottle opener. It can be said that this is a metal match that can be used in various ways.

Recommended metal match as a single item

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Drop Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9049G1-G

Recommended for those who are accustomed to igniting with a knife

[caption id="attachment_9286" align="alignnone" width="600"]Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife[/caption]

This metal match is very compact, about 7.5 cm when stored. It comes with a long strap so you can hang it around your neck. When you use it, just slide it and you will be able to use it immediately.

A striker is not included, so you need to scrape it with a knife to make a spark. Recommended for those who already have a separate striker or who are accustomed to firing with a knife. It also comes with a sharpener for sharpening knives, so even if the blade spills, you can sharpen it immediately.

If you also want such products, contact them. They are professional pocket knife manufacturers.

SimPLEISURE-Magnesium Fire Starter

Simple type boasting more than 30,000 uses

SimPLEISURE-Magnesium Fire Starter 

This is a type in which the striker and rod parts are separate. Recommended for those who find it easier to use the type that is not connected. It also comes with a storage case, so it's a nice point that it's hard to lose.

The rod is very long, about 150 mm long, and has a thickness that makes it easy to grip. Therefore, it has been used over 30,000 times, which is overwhelming. It can be used in low oxygen or damp places, and bright white sparks are scattered, which is useful for letting you know where you are in case of an emergency.

Rothco-Fire Starter

Compact and usable just by scraping with an iron piece

Rothco-Fire Starter 

At first glance, this one features a fashionable design that looks like just a key chain. Made of lightweight magnesium alloy, it is lighter and easier to carry than it looks. It comes with a ball chain, so it's nice to be able to easily attach it wherever you like.

Use a knife to shave the side-marked SHAVING EDGE on the surface of the main body and drop it into a fire. After that, you can easily ignite by scraping the black stick part. It can be used without any problems even if it gets wet, so it is also recommended as emergency preparedness.

Bushcraft-Fire Maker

Ferrocerium material that is easy to ignite

Bushcraft-Fire Maker 

The length is about 20 cm, which is thick and long, so the stroke of the striker is long and it is a rod that is easy to handle even for beginners. It's much bigger than a general rod, and it scatters a lot of sparks. Recommended for those who already have a striker of their choice or who can ignite with a knife.

Many people find it cumbersome to prepare a crater. This uses a 550 Fire Cord for the rope part, so you can use it as a crater by unwinding the rope in case of emergency. Even beginners can easily ignite the fire by pressing it against the object and scraping it.

TOPS KNIVES-Fire Starter Piggie Bag

A type that ignites with a knife or an optional striker

TOPS KNIVES-Fire Starter Piggie Bag 

This is also a metal match for those who already have a striker or who are accustomed to igniting with a knife. The length of the rod is short, but the diameter is as thick as about 9 mm, so it can be used for a long time. As it is lightweight at about 40g, it is also excellent in portability.

A special Kydex case is also included, so it can be attached to the knife sheath made by the same company as it is. In addition, since the screw hole part is open, it is also possible to pass a ball chain or neck strap. It's nice to be able to arrange it like an accessory and use it.

Recommended metal match for disaster prevention

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife D2 Blade G10 Handle 9049G1-B

The distinctive design makes it easy for the sound to resonate, so you can rest assured even in an emergency.

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife

It is a very characteristic metal match with outstanding impact. The rod part of the metal match is made of ferrocerium, and you can use a knife or saw to create a powerful spark. A striker is not included, so prepare it separately if necessary.

You can also customize pocket knives according to your needs. For example : A whistle is mounted on the other side of the rod. This whistle is set to a high frequency that is easy for the human ear to hear. Therefore, it is ideal for letting you know where you are in the unlikely event of distress.

BODY GUARD-Emergency tool with multifunctional whistle glass split

A type in which an ignition tool and a whistle function are installed together in a glass break

BODY GUARD-Emergency tool with multifunctional whistle glass split 

This metal match is very compact with a total length of about 10 cm. Even so, it has a hole for stringing, so you can carry it as a necklace or key chain depending on the arrangement. Recommended for those who want to carry it easily.

It's so compact, yet extremely versatile. There is a glass break at the tip, a metal match is mounted by twisting the center part, and a whistle is mounted at the rear. If you have this one, it will be very useful in the outdoor scene and the event of a disaster.

Fire Starter-Magnesium Metal Match

Multi-functional metal match with compass, ruler, and bottle opener

Fire Starter-Magnesium Metal Match 

This metal match has more than enough functions in a completely compact body. The magnesium rod and striker are connected by a long 72 cm ball chain, so you can hang it from your neck. It's very convenient to use immediately when you want to use it.

The rod storage part can also be used as a whistle, and a compass is also attached to the tip. It will come in handy when you don't know where you are, such as at night or on a mountain road. The striker also comes with a bottle opener and a ruler function. It is a useful item if you prepare one for the disaster prevention set.

TOPS-Emergency disaster prevention kit

A type of metal match with a whistle and a can opener

TOPS-Emergency disaster prevention kit 

This metal match is a set of 1 flint fire starter and 2 magnesium rods. It is a nice point that many rods are consumables. It is a metal match that even beginners can easily catch fire.

A can opener and whistle are also included in addition to the rod. All of these are connected by a ball chain, making them hard to lose. The ball chain is long enough so you can hang it around your neck and use it whenever you want.

UCO-Survival Fire Striker

A type that also comes with a wrench tightening and a bottle opener

UCO-Survival Fire Striker 

This is a metal match with an attractive aluminum light and compact body. The magnesium rod is long enough and is designed to be easy to grip and sharpen. The striker and rod are connected by a rope and can be used as a set at any time.

It is also characteristic that the striker part is very multifunctional. Functions such as various wrenches, bottle openers, and bit drivers are also installed. You can also take care of and maintain outdoor equipment. There is no doubt that it will be useful if you put it in your luggage when cycling.


Preparation is required so that it will not be used in an emergency

If you have a metal match, you will be able to easily make a fire regardless of the weather. However, it is not useful in case of emergency unless you confirm how to use it. Before you go outdoors, practice lighting the fire. This time, I have explained in detail about metal matches, listing recommended products. Please try to find the perfect metal match for your purpose.

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