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Learn from cooking professionals! Correct knives holding posture

Welcome to the extra edition of "My Rice is the Whole World", a mini lesson that introduces the basics of cooking.

The first session is "How to use a kitchen knife", which is indispensable for cooking. Even if you are doing something by yourself, learn the correct way to hold the knife and its posture, and aim for smoother cooking.

Mia (mom)
Allen teacher! I came to learn the basics of cooking.
I can't listen to you anymore, but thank you.

Allen teacher
Mia, welcome to the mini lesson.
Even if you cook a little bit in home economics classes, you tend to become more personal.

Mia (mom)
That's right... the first thing I want you to tell me is how to use a kitchen knife! What I wonder if it fits the way to hold it in the first place.

Allen teacher

If you handle the kitchen knife correctly, the efficiency of cooking will be greatly improved.

Let's actually take a lesson!

What is the correct way to hold a kitchen knife?

There are different types of kitchen knives and how to hold them, and you can comfortably move the kitchen knives simply by changing the way you hold them. Even with the same kitchen knife, you may change how to hold it depending on the ingredients. There are several ways to hold a kitchen knife, but here we will tell you the correct way to hold a kitchen knife. If you hold the kitchen knife correctly, you can efficiently transmit the force to the kitchen knife, and you will not get tired even if you work for a long time.

Hook your middle finger on the base of the knife handle.

With the thumb and forefinger, sandwich the base of the handle of the kitchen knife and hold the handle firmly with the middle finger, ring finger and little finger.

For left-handed people, use a left-handed kitchen knife!

Are you right-handed? left handed? If you are left-handed, we recommend changing to a left-handed knife. Most of the knives on the market are right-handed knives. Right-handed and left-handed have different blade angles. When you start using a left-handed kitchen knife, you will be surprised how sharp it is!

There are three main ways to hold a kitchen knife.

There are types and names for how to hold a kitchen knife. The most basic way to hold is the "grip type" introduced in the video. Suitable for rhythmically chopping vegetables.

Also, when using a knife for fish or a sashimi knife with a long blade, use the "pointing type". Place your index finger on the back of the knife to stabilize the blade so it does not shake.

If you need a strong force such as food with fibers, use the "holding type". Hold the knife's belly with your thumb and forefinger to maintain stability.

What is the correct posture when using a kitchen knife?

When using a kitchen knife, stand in the correct posture. If you stand correctly, you can move the kitchen knife smoothly and reduce fatigue. Also, since the ingredients are viewed from directly above, they can be cut accurately.

When using a kitchen knife, stand with one fist open between the table and your body. Place the cutting board parallel to the cooking table with a little space.

Lastly, if the handle of your kitchen knife is your right hand, lower your right foot, and if you have your left hand, lower your left foot half a step backwards and stand a little diagonally from the cutting board.

What is the best way to use a kitchen knife?

In order to use a kitchen knife effectively, it is important that the cutting board does not move or move. Place a cloth that has been moistened with water and squeezed tightly under the cutting board, and fix it so that it does not move.

Also, when you do not use a knife, do not point the knife blade toward yourself, turn it back and lay it in the back of the cutting board. If you put it vertically, you will be injured if the knife falls.

Now, let me tell you the points to note when actually using a kitchen knife.

Attach your left hand with "cat's hand"

It is most important to use a kitchen knife safely and carefully. In order to use the kitchen knife safely, it is important to attach the left hand.

First, attach the first joint of the index and middle fingers to the food. Cut the first and second joints of your index and middle fingers against the sides of the knife. Don't stretch your thumbs, make them shorter than your middle and index fingers! This is called the “cat's hand” and is the basis for safe use of a kitchen knife.

A good way to cut is to pull and push

The point of good cutting is to always use the knife at a right angle to the cutting board. The knife cuts when you pull it toward you and push it back, so it is essential to cut it repeatedly by "pulling and pushing" instead of "top to bottom".

However, sashimi is pulled with the blade. For meat with fibers, cut it while pushing it forward.

Fix the hand holding the knife to peel

You want to peel apples, pears, etc. well. First, hold the fruit in your left hand and the right hand so as to pinch the knife blade. Hold the knife in place and slowly slide the fruit to the right. At this time, you can put the thumb of your hand holding the knife on your skin so that you don't have to worry about cutting too hard.

In the same way, the radish Katsura peel is also turned around and peeled.

Mia (mom)

Hmmm, it's kinda awkward

Allen teacher

It may be cramped at first if you get used to it, but you will gradually get used to it for about a week.

Mia (mom)

It's like holding chopsticks!

I would like to use a kitchen knife even at home♪