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How to hold and sharpen a knife

We will show you how to hold a knife according to the ingredients and how to sharpen a general double-edged knife.

How to hold a knife

If you grasp the knife according to what you want to cut and use, you can make good use of the kitchen knife's ability to cut food ingredients cleanly. If you use the correct gripping method and transmit the force accurately and efficiently, not only will the finish be beautiful, but you will not get tired even during long hours of work.

1. [General grip] Easy to hold and easy to handle. Place the knife edge on the index finger, and naturally grasp the handle with three fingers.

2. The thumb holds the blade of the knife on the opposite side so that it is pinched.

3. The other side. The index finger is bent slightly. The three fingers that hold the handle are fixed. The thumb and forefinger should be balanced by finely adjusting where they are to be supported by the cut.