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How to hold a kitchen knife correctly! Explain five ways to hold with photos!

A kitchen knife that we use casually every day. But do you know that you have the right way to hold it?

This time, we will introduce 5 basic ways to hold a kitchen knife. If you use it correctly, you will be able to smoothly cook ordinary foods.

There are about 5 types of kitchen knife!

It is said that there are roughly five ways to hold a kitchen knife.

① Grip type
② Hold down type
③ Pointing type
④ Leather (reverse knife) type
⑤ Pencil type

Of these, it is enough to remember the three types of daily use ① to ③. So, here, I will introduce the features and how to have them in order by dividing them into three basic types and two application types.

[How to hold a knife ①] Orthodox "grip type"
●Grip-type image
The "grip type" is the most popular way to hold a kitchen knife, and as its name suggests, it is shaped like a grab with the whole hand. This grip is recommended when cutting vegetables.

Hold it so that the handle is between your index finger and thumb. All you have to do is close your fingers and squeeze.

Grasping is reduced by gripping the base of the handle, and you can cut the ingredients firmly.

When making a fish such as a seared fish, holding the bottom of the handle makes the wrist snap easier to use.

[How to hold a kitchen knife (2)] "Holding type" when cutting hard objects
● Hold down image

The "holding type" is suitable when cutting foods with hard fibers such as meat. Since the kitchen knife is sandwiched between fingers, it is easy to hold without shaking.

Place the knife's belly on your index finger and grasp it.

Hold the kitchen knife with your forefinger and thumb.

[How to hold a kitchen knife ③] "Pointing type" is recommended for delicate cooking

● Pointing type

"Finger type" is the way to hold the index finger. Itamae-san often uses it because it has delicate control and is suitable for cutting soft foods such as fish.

Place the knife peak on your index finger with the blade facing up. Complete by grasping the handle with the remaining fingers.

The knife is controlled by adjusting the force and support of the index finger.

[Application] Holding a knife that is a little difficult

For the usual cooking, it is OK if you remember the three gripping methods introduced. I don't have much opportunity to use the other two types, so I think there is a way to hold it like this.

Leather (reverse knife) type

It is a holding type grip that is like holding a kitchen knife upside down. This is a special way of holding the skin, which has a limited use, such as skinning of fish.

Pencil type

As the name suggests, the grip is like holding a pencil. You can use the wrist control to move the cutting point in detail, so this is a way for professionals to use when making fine patterns.

Let's master how to hold a kitchen knife!

If you learn how to hold a kitchen knife, you will not only be able to cut the ingredients efficiently, but also have the advantage that you will not get tired even if you work for a long time.

Please master how to hold a knife and use it.