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Recommended multi-tool ranking!

Recommended & popular multi-tool ranking

Recommended multi-tool for everyday use

Shieldon Drop Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9049G1-G ($49)

Lightweight and compact with a nail clip

This is a model that squeezes only the minimum necessary tools and contains nail files, nail files, scissors on blades, tweezers, and toothpicks in a compact size. The sharpness of both knives and scissors is outstanding. It comes with a key ring so you can attach it to your key chain and carry it around.


The length is only about 65mm and it is very compact. It weighs only 37g, so it's easy to carry. I forget to have it. The matte color type is also popular, but the skeleton body model with a slightly transparent body is also popular.


Gerber-multi-tool DIME ($35)

A model that combines tools and scissors that are often used

This multi-tool is a type that includes a wire cutter on pliers, a package opener on a knife, and a flat-blade screwdriver on a bottle opener. You can use them as pliers by opening the left and right grips. It's convenient for tightening bolts and grabbing hot wire mesh.


There is a place where you can put your nails on the red grip, and if you pull it, the tweezers will come out. It is useful for removing thorns and disinfecting injuries. It is a little larger and weighs about 70g. It's a multi-tool that you want to put in the toolbox.


WORLD MARKET-8 function EDC tool ($9)

Compact multi-tool with 8 functions in key size

At first glance, it looks like a normal key, but it's also a multi-tool. Although it is the same thickness and size as a key, the tweezers are equipped with eight types of tools such as a flat-blade screwdriver, a cutter, a bottle opener, and a nail cleaner.


Although it is small, it is made of titanium, so it is light but very durable. Also, since the tool part is firmly engraved with the purpose, it is easy to see which part can be used as which tool. It also has a key cover function, making it an ideal multi-tool to carry with your key daily.


Victorinox-Swiss Card Light ($37)

A model equipped with 13 types of useful functions such as LED lights and loupes

When it comes to card-type multi-tools, the functions that can be installed are limited to some extent, but this is a multi-tool with a total of 13 types of functions. It is designed to be used by pulling out the necessary tools from the left and right.


Scissors, small knives, loupes with various screwdrivers, scales with pins, ballpoint pens, and tweezers are also included. Also equipped with a white LED. It's useful to have an LED light when you're looking for something in the dark or when you insert a key into a keyhole.


TRUE UTILITY-Nail clip kit ($18)

Multi-tool with knife and scissors on nail clippers

At first glance, this looks like a normal nail clipper, but it is a multi-tool with a unique shape that allows you to pull out various tools from the side. Most of the nail clippers that come with multi-tools are small. However, it is large enough to be used by men with large nails.


Of course, it also comes with a nail file that is convenient for trimming after cutting your nails. There are other tools that you often use, such as drivers, scissors, and small knives. It's good to put it in the first aid kit, or it's convenient to put one in the drawer of the desk.


Recommended multi-tool for outdoor and leisure

Shieldon Reverse Tanto Point D2 Blade Black 3Cr14 + Carbon Fiber Handle 9042S1-G ($83)

With a bottle opener and corkscrew, you can use the spoon and fork separately.

When you eat at leisure, you prepare cutlery such as spoons and forks. This multi-tool is a type that includes a spoon and a fork. When you eat, you can use the spoon and fork separately, so it's not difficult to eat.


It also comes with a corkscrew, a bottle opener, and a can opener, so it's convenient when opening canned drinks or bottled drinks. It also has a knife and sword, which allows you to peel and cut fruits. It's reasonable, so it's a good idea to prepare for the number of people.


Gerber-Armbar Cork ($48)

Multi-tool with corkscrew and bottle opener on the blade

It is very compact, only 8.7 cm in the folded state, and is easy to carry. With a clean silhouette, it does not get in the way even if you put it in a bag. It has a lanyard hole, so if you attach your favorite lanyard or key ring, it will be even easier to carry.


It has one convenient function for opening wine, such as blades, scissors, corkscrew, bottle opener, and foil cutter. If you usually drink wine a lot, you can put one in the kitchen and this one will do it all. Of course, the knife part is equipped with a lock mechanism.


Victorinox-Fisherman ($48)

It also comes with scale remover and needle remover, making it ideal for fishing.

This multi-tool is recommended for those who usually enjoy fishing and those who want to enjoy fishing at camping or leisure. It comes with scale remover and disgorger, making it easy to process the fish you catch. You can also repair or hang the net with a reamer and multi-hook.


Of course, a can opener, a bottle opener, and drivers are also included. The blade comes in two sizes, large and small. The larger blade can also be used as a putty knife. The scissors and blades are sharp and have a safety lock mechanism, so you can use them with confidence.


Logos-Multi Tool 14 ($11)

Equipped with 14 functions ideal for outdoor activities and trekking

This multi-tool is a type equipped with a total of 14 types of functions. It also comes with a hook remover, which will be useful when you enjoy fishing. It also comes with a nail cleaner and a candy skin remover, so it's nice to be able to easily clean your nails even when you're on the go.


The saw has two blades, a fine blade, and a coarse blade. Easy to handle twigs and vines that tend to get in the way when trekking. When folded, it is about 9 cm long and weighs 120 g, making it extremely compact and lightweight outdoor gear. Recommended as a multi-tool that can be used widely from everyday use to leisure.


Leatherman-Skeltool CX ($158)

Pliers model with a hard wire cutter and straight-edged knife

It's the lightest model in Leatherman, but each tool is strong and long-lasting. A wire cutter and a hard cutter are attached to general pliers, and even sturdy wires can be cut. Since the pliers part has a wide opening, it can also be used to grab a hot wire mesh for barbecue.


Straight-edged knives can be used for processing and cooking branches and leaves. It's a large 154 cm, so it's also attractive that it's easy to handle. There are other tools that you can use daily, such as a driver and a bottle opener. It comes with a long-term warranty of 25 years, so even if it gets dull or breaks, you can have it repaired free of charge.


Recommended multi-tool for disaster prevention

Shieldon Tanto Point D2 Blade Black G10 Handle 9043G ($51)

Multi-tool with a whistle that is convenient in an emergency

A whistle can help you know where you are in an emergency. If you make a loud voice, your physical strength will be exhausted, but if you use a whistle, you can make the sound reverberate far away while preserving your physical strength. This is a multi-tool equipped with such a whistle.


In addition, it is equipped with an LED light, which makes it possible to work in dark places. It comes in handy at night when you want to illuminate your feet or find a keyhole. Can openers, awls, knives, and scissors are also available, and all the tools necessary for evacuation life are installed.


Victorinox-Rescue Tool ($114)

You can break the glass or cut the seat belt even if you are trapped in the car

You don't know when a disaster will occur. I also want to assume that it will happen when you are in the car. This multi-tool is a useful item in the unlikely event that you are trapped in a car. You can break or cut the side windows and windshield.


It also comes with a seatbelt cutter, which makes it easy to cut seatbelts that are sturdy and difficult to cut with ordinary cutters. It is useful not only when you are trapped in a car, but also when you are rescued from an accident car. In addition, daily tools such as screwdrivers and bottle openers are also available.


SOL-Phoenix Multi-Tool ($46)

Survival model with one whistle and ignition agent

In the event of a disaster, electricity is often unavailable. Ignition agents are useful for making a fire in the absence of gas. This multi-tool is a type that also comes with a fire starter and an ignition agent, and you can easily start a fire with this one.


Besides, the knife is equipped with a whistle and LED light. If you get lost or get injured during a hike or mountain climb, it will help you to know your position. It would be convenient to have a fire to protect yourself from the cold.


KIKKERLAND-Wood Hammer Multi-Tool ($30)

An emergency escape tool with a hammer saw the knife, etc.

This is a type with a small hammer. It's small, but it's big enough to break a windowpane or hit a nail in an emergency. It is possible to escape from the car even in the event of an accident or disaster. It also has a pliers function, so you can widen the exit by sandwiching broken glass.


There are plenty of tools such as a Phillips / minus screwdriver, a bottle opener, a file, and a saw. You can put it in a car or put it in a toolbox as a tool. You can enjoy a little customization with this one.


Leatherman-Signal ($215)

Models with whistles and fire starters on various cutters and knives

Among Leatherman's multi-tools, this one can be used in particularly harsh scenes. The needle nose pliers, regular pliers, and wire cutter are also 154 cm replaceable, and a hard wire cutter is also installed in addition to the ordinary wire cutter. It also comes with a saw and a hammer, so you can use it for full-scale customization.


In addition to its rich features, the rescue whistle also comes with a fire starter to help ensure safety in the event of distress or accident. Of course, everyday tools such as knives, bottle openers, and can openers are also included. It is recommended for those who are looking for a multi-tool that can handle unexpected situations.



Multi-tool with excellent durability is recommended

The quality of multi-tools, which have a wide range of prices, naturally depends on the price. Many inexpensive multi-tools do not have a safety lock, are dull and unusable, and break quickly. Even if it is expensive to some extent, it is durable and it is better to choose one that can be used for a long time. This time, I have explained in detail about multi-tools by listing recommended products. Please try to find the one that suits you best.



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