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Outdoor Folding Knives: All You Need to Know

The term outdoor knives are too broad and encompass a lot of different types of knives, and this includes fixed knives and pocket knives. Our main focus for the day is outdoor folding knives.

We are going to explore all the information there is pertaining to outdoor knives in order to help you know what to go for if you are planning to have one. We will look at their core features, their main uses, and some of the challenges you may experience when using them. If you are an up-and-coming knife buff who is yet to make that final decision, then this is for you.

Features of Outdoor Folding Knives

There are some features that are unique to folding knives used in outdoor spaces that anyone who has a rough idea about knives will automatically identify from a pile. Some of the notable features of outdoor folding knives include the following:

  • Small and Portable: Unlike fixed knives that cannot be folded other than being placed into a sheath, folding knives are small, can be retracted into the handle, and stored even in the pocket. This makes it a convenient tool to have around you when going out comparing or hunting.
  • Opening and Closing Mechanism: the blade on a folding knife usually has a lock that controls the opening and closing of the knife. This is a safety feature that keeps the blade tucked away when the knife is not being used, releasing it within a second when the lock is pressed. No other knife possesses this feature.
  • Thumb Stud: A thumb stud is a little knob on the folding knife that one can use to quickly deploy the blade when needed. This gives the user a good grip on the knife, and it increases safety as it stops the blade from opening without intervention.
  • A Guard: This is an unsharpened material made of metal that protrudes from the hilt and keeps the hand from sliding over the blade when using it. Not all folding knives have a guard, but when shopping for one, you must insist on getting a knife that has one for safety purposes.

Uses of an Outdoor Folding Knife

The uses of an outdoor folding knife are many; it all depends on your needs. Some are designed for multi-purpose roles, and some are made for certain roles. Some of the common uses of folding knives include the following.

  • Hunting: As much as hunting needs guns and bows, you still need a knife to carve up your hunt safely, and that’s where a folding knife comes in handy. Depending on the type, you can use it to skin the animal, curve the entrails out, and other delicate operations needed to make the meat ready.
  • Camping: From carving up tent poles to creating kindling for the fire, there are a lot of things that you can do with a folding knife. You can cut ropes, deal with minor injuries, handle some light hunting, and the knife will still hold its ground.
  • Opening Packages: Folding knives are nifty and small and can be used to handle the opening of packages without damaging the contents inside. Most have very sharp edges that can slice through packaging in a neat and clean way.
  • Fishing: You can attach your knife to a pole and use it as a spear for fishing. At the same time, you can fashion out a wooden spear using the same knife within minutes. You can also use the same knife to prepare the fish afterward, including gutting it, depending on the type of folding knife you are using.
  • Digging Holes: When setting up camping tents, you may need to dig holes for the main poles. This usually requires a stronger tool, but these can be quite heavy, and carrying it around with you when going out is a lot of work. A strong folding knife may take a while to get this done, but it is way better than using bare hands.
  • Craving Art: Woodcarvers use special knives to create their statues, and most times, these are folding knives that are designed specifically for this role. They are small, sharp, and can fit in the hands well, giving the carver more control.

Challenges of Using Outdoor Folding Knives

Perfect as they may be, there are some drawbacks that one who has experienced different types of folding knives can detect over time. Some of the notable ones include the following.

  • They may be too small for most people. When compared to fixed knives, folding knives are simply not that cut out for extreme conditions. They are useful when outdoors, but there’s not much they can help you with when it comes down to it.
  • They have too many moving parts, and this makes them vulnerable to damage. They have more maintenance needs, and their durability is not that reliable compared to fixed knives.
  • You are more likely to experience hand fatigue when holding a folding knife for a very long time. Some that don’t come with a proper lock may eleven close down on your hand accidentally, and this can cause injury.
  • A good number of folding knives are constructed using low-quality materials, and this makes them prone to damage much faster. Unless you are willing to spend premium prices on high-end folding knives, this can be too costly.


Outdoor folding knives come in all sizes, and there are countless knife manufacturers that come up with new designs to meet the ever-increasing demand for them. There is a lot more information regarding how to take care of these kinds of knives and if you are interested, feel free to check out our website (Shieldon knives) and have all your questions and concerns addressed by our dedicated team of experts.

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