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What you need to know about using an axe for outdoor survival

In outdoor leisure such as camping and barbecue, the work of breaking firewood for bonfires and cutting grass is a part of it. I would like to recommend outdoor gear in such a case. The hatchet has various functions such as smashing and chopping, and it will be easier to work if you select it according to the purpose. This time, we will explain the types of hatchets, how to select them, and recommended models. If you are considering using it outdoors, please refer to it.


Features of hatchet

Easy to handle because it has a longer blade length and is lighter than an ax

The hatchet is lighter than the ax, so it is easy to handle. The ax has a short blade length, and when it is swung down on firewood, the blade may not bite into it. On the other hand, the hatchet has a long blade length, so it can be firmly bitten.


Can be used as a knife depending on the type

In addition to hard work such as chopping wood, hatchets are also available for detailed work such as kitchen knives and knives. It can be used for various purposes such as cutting vines and vines and for cooking. In the case of a bonfire, you can scrape the surface of the firewood to make it fluffy and make it easier to burn.


Type of hatchet


Sword hatchet

Suitable for detailed work such as handling ingredients

The feature is that you can perform the work of "cutting", "breaking", and "paying" with one piece. It is also possible to cut tree branches, vines, weeds, and ropes on mountain roads. It is also suitable for dismantling prey and fish. This type is highly recommended for those who work in the mountains or hunt.

The sword hatchet is lightweight and compact, so it is not suitable for breaking firewood or wiping thick branches. If anything, it is used for detailed work using hands, such as kitchen knives and knives. Especially recommended when hunting. The stopped prey becomes delicious meat when it is stabbed in the heart and drained. A certain length is required because the blade is pushed from around the sternoclavicular joint, but it is convenient to have one sword hatchet in such a case. You can also weed when creating a place to wait for prey.


Hip hatchet

Suitable for breaking firewood and bamboo

It is used to swing down like a hammer to break firewood and bamboo. It can also be used for weeding mountain roads. It can also be used for light work such as cutting ropes.

The heavier the hatchet, the stronger the force to crack it. When chopping wood, the weight of the blade is used to swing it down, so if you are confident in your strength, the heavier type is recommended. However, the heavier the weight, the more difficult it is to handle. When used by women and children, it is better to choose lighter outdoor gear.


Shrimp hatchet

Easy to chop wood and cut roots

The shrimp hatchet is characterized by having stones attached to the cutting edge. The advantage is that it is sturdy and hard to break. You can not only chop wood but also remove vegetation and bushes in the garden.

When the hatchet bites into the base of chopping wood, it is troublesome to pull it out. The shrimp hatchet has a stone on the cutting edge, so it is hard to stick to the base. It is a type that is especially recommended for chopping wood because it is hard to break even if you get crazy and hit the concrete ground.


Hatchet sickle

Easy to cut vines around

A new type of hatchet has the functions of both a hatchet and a sickle. Compared to other types of hatchets, the cutting edge is round like a sickle. It is also suitable for cutting vines.

It is light and easy to handle, so it has the advantage of being less likely to get injured. A type of hatchet that is easy for women and children to use. It is also widely used for cleanup activities in forests.


How to choose a hatchet

Choose by blade shape

A single-edged blade that is good at scraping off for detailed work

The hatchet is divided into "single-edged" and "double-edged" according to the shape of the blade, and the one that is usually seen most often is the single-edged hatchet. Both have their advantages and choosing the one that suits your purpose will reduce the strain on your body. Single-edged blades have a blade on one side of the blade, and some stores sell right-handed and left-handed ones. It is sharper than double-edged, so it is recommended for peeling tree branches and cutting thin branches. It's a good idea to have a single-edged hatchet, such as when using twigs for cooking outdoors.


Double-edged, easy to split into two if chopping wood

The feature of double-edged blades is that they have blades on both the left and right sides. It can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people and is easy to handle even for beginners. If the single-edged blade is not handled as a hatchet, the blade will stick at an angle and it will not be possible to break the firewood cleanly. On the other hand, the double-edged blade has a straight cut and easily bites into the fibers of wood, so it is suitable for chopping wood and bamboo. When you chop firewood at a camp, you want to have one.


Choose by size

Thick firewood is easy to break with a blade length of 16 to 20 cm

When breaking thick firewood, it is easier to break it with a hatchet with a long blade. However, if it is too long, it will be difficult to carry and it will be bulky when stored. If the blade length is about 16 to 20 cm, it is long enough and easy to store, so it is recommended.


For chopping wood, if the weight is around 500g, it will not put a burden on your wrist.

What size hatchet should I choose for breaking firewood? The heavy type has the disadvantage that it puts a strain on the wrist and is difficult to carry, but it is easy to put in force and even thick firewood can be easily broken. If it is light, the burden on the body is light, but the power tends to be inferior. A hatchet weighing around 500g is recommended because it balances weight and ease of use and is easy to work with.


Choose by the ease of holding the handle

The oval shape is easier to grip than the round shape

If the handle of the hatchet fits comfortably in your hand, you will not get tired even if you use it for a long time, and it will be easier to work. In addition, it is possible to reduce the risk of slipping off your hand and getting injured. The handle is easy to hold, but the material, shape, and thickness are intertwined with each other, and in general, the oval shape is easier to grip than the round shape, so it is recommended.


Non-slip with checkered and brim ring

If you want to prepare a hatchet that does not slip your hands, we recommend a product with a checkered handle. Checker processing is a mesh pattern that is put into the handle. It has a high design and is an excellent item that also prevents slipping of the hands. If you want to prevent injuries caused by the blade, we also recommend a hatchet with a brim ring. The sword hatchet has a sharp cutting edge and is characterized by a brim ring to prevent injury.



For chopping wood, use a double-edged blade with a blade length of 16 to 20 cm and a blade length of around 500 g.

If you want to chop wood at a camp, we recommend using a double-edged hatchet with a blade length of 16 to 20 cm and a blade length of around 500 g. The double-edged blade can be used by both right-handed and left-handed people and is recommended for beginners. Since the cut end is straight, the firewood will crack cleanly. Considering the ease of transportation and reducing the burden on the wrist, we would like to prepare a hatchet with a blade length of 16 to 20 cm and a weight of around 500 g. Please get an easy-to-use hatchet with outstanding sharpness and enjoy outdoor leisure.


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