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Top 8 Survival Folding Knife Uses

When out in the wild, survival is always paramount, and carrying the right tools could make a huge difference. There are a number of folding knives that can be used as survival tools that every knife enthusiast should be familiar with.

If you are planning to go out camping or hunting and are lost on what to carry, maybe knowing what you can do with a survival knife may help you make an informed decision. Depending on the shape and design, the things you can use a survival knife for are unlimited. The most notable ones have been discussed in detail below.

Kindling a Fire

When out in the bush, you never know what may happen, and it is easy to lose valuable things like matchboxes. But that shouldn’t spell doom for you, you still have to eat, and if you have a survival knife in tow, then things become easier for you. By using things like bow drills, you can use your survival knife to produce sparks which can then start a fire. It may be hard for someone who has never done this before, but it is possible, and that’s all that matters when you are stuck between a hard place and a rock.

Cutting and Slicing

Whether you're skinning that animal you just hunted or chopping the wild vegetables and mushrooms, you will need a proper custom pocket knife with you for this. There’s a reason people don’t carry kitchen knives with them since they are not built for this kind of work. A folding knife will come in handy as they are designed to deal with even harder tasks and conditions. And that’s not even the limit of what they can do; when you have a reliable folding knife with you when out in the world, there’s very little that you cannot cut through.


Batoning is a process where you split wood into two by forcing a knife down the middle and hitting it down with another plank of wood. A regular knife wouldn’t stand this kind of hit, a folding survival knife is built with sturdy materials, and no matter how many times it is hit, it doesn't sustain any damage. This makes life a little easier outdoors as you can prepare wood for your fire within minutes without having to rely on heavier tools that may be too cumbersome to handle or carry around with you.

Self Defense

A survival knife is a jack of all trades. For a knife to even qualify as a survival knife, it has to pass some rigorous test that ensures it is up to the task. One of these is the endurance test that ascertains the knife’s ability to withstand knocks and hits. This enables the user to have a reliable defensive knife that they can rely on when ambushed by a person or a wild animal. Unlike a fixed knife, you only need to press the lock to unleash the blade within a second, giving you an upper hand in any confrontation.

First Aid Tool

Carrying a first aid kit is mandatory when going out camping or hunting as you never know what may happen, especially when you are alone or in a small group. A survival knife can come in handy when you need something to cut the bandages in a clean way. In extreme cases, you can use it to cauterize a wound using the blade before seeking proper medical help once you return to civilization.


If there’s one tool, you can’t do without when out hunting is a survival knife. You may carry more superior weapons like hunting guns, crossbows, and arrows, but when it comes down to the hard stuff, a knife is what will get you to the prize. The hide of wild animals is not easy to get through, and without a proper survival knife, you may be unable to have your meal. The knife can be used to skin the animals, cut the flesh into smaller pieces and gut the animal to get rid of the entrails without contaminating the rest of the meat.

Building Shelter

When setting up camp, you will need all the tools at your disposal to ensure you create a safe structure. Most people carry already made tents when camping, but you will still need to create other structures that will come in handy later on. These are usually made using wood, and having a knife will help you shape the poles to any shape you want. A survival knife is small and can fit in hand well; this gives you good control and reduces the chances of getting hurt in the process.


Digging holes to accommodate tent poles is another necessary activity that one has to undertake when out in the wild. This is an intensive exercise that requires heavy tools, something that is a luxury when hiking since you are not supposed to carry heavy tools with you. This is where having a strong survival knife comes in handy. You can use the pointed part of the knife to dig holes for the tent or even dig up wid vegetables and any other wild food you may come across on the ground. Considering how these knives are designed, you don’t have to worry about the blade falling apart as they are sturdy, and you can always sharpen and clean them later on.


A good survival knife will take you places. They may appear small, but they are reliable little tools that can handle just about anything, and this is why they are among the must-carry equipment. For more information on camping or hunting and the custom fixed blades you need to carry with you, check out our website and have all your questions and concerns addressed by our team of experts.


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