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The Pros and Cons of Knife Customization

People do knife customizations all the time for a number of reasons. This could be due to the need to make the knives look stylish or make them even better at their functions. One common thing about this is the cost that comes with doing customizations.

We are going to explore the benefits and drawbacks of customizing a folding knife for the benefit of those that may be looking to add some extra touches to their tools. If you have been thinking of going down this route but have no clue where to begin, then you are in the right place.

Benefits of Customized Knives

There are a number of benefits that come with using customized knives since they receive extra attention during the manufacturing process. Some of the notable advantages you get include the following.

Increased Strength

Most customized knives are hand-forged, and this means they undergo an extensive hammering process that shapes the knife much better and adds more strength to the metal blades. The grain of the metal is involved in conforming a little more, and this adds tensile strength making the knife durable. This also adds balance to the knife, which in turn makes it more comfortable to handle and use. This is part of the reason why they are expensive.

Lasting Edge Retention

Edge retention is one of the properties that sets quality knives apart from normal ones. This is the duration that a knife maintains its sharpness without blunting easily. One of the reasons why knives don’t stay for a very long time is that they need to be sharpened regularly, and this shaves off a significant amount of metal. This goes without saying that caution has to be exercised when handling these kinds of knives as they can cause immense harm due to their tendency to remain sharp for a very long time.

Great Aesthetics

You have the freedom to add anything you want when it comes to customizing a knife. This ranges from your personal name, a symbol you love or a logo. You can also add beautiful patterns, use different colors on the blade and the handle and so on. What you can do is only limited by how far your creativity goes. The main goal here is to make your knife so unique that no one can replicate the design, making you stand out a lot more.

Handle Options

Some of the most exquisite knife handles are found on customized knives. Since they are made by order, people who wish to have their knives customized can choose from a wide pool of handle materials which are then fashioned in all kinds of designs and shapes just for them. You can choose to go with a unique wood handle or one made out of ivory. There’s also the option of having a handle made out of leather or even more expensive materials like titanium or carbon fiber. It all depends on the availability and your willingness to spend more.

Drawbacks of Customized Knives

Customized knives are not without their disadvantages, and despite their great reputation, you are bound to run into some undesirable features that include the following.

High Cost

It is very hard to find a knife manufacturer who is willing to handle customized requests and those that do usually charge a premium price. This is due to the fact that the materials used are of higher quality and the work has to be handled by an extraordinary blacksmith who has had years of experience. By the time the knife is ready for delivery, it has undergone all kinds of processes, and that’s labor whose cost is transferred to the final price.

Lack of Repair Parts

If your customized knife ever gets damaged, you will have a very hard time getting it replaced or repaired since the parts used and the design employed are not mass-produced. For most of the time, you will be forced to get a new knife or risk having to spend the same amount you sued for the initial forging just to get it repaired again. This greatly limits the things you can do with the knife, and this is why many people who own customized knives only have them for show. They rarely subject them to hard tasks.

Problems with the Law

There are strict regulations that govern the carrying and use of concealed knives. When it comes to customized knives, the law is even stricter since these are types of knives that don’t follow normal design guidelines. It is common to have a customized knife come with a blade way longer than what the law allows. These modifications can get you into trouble. Therefore. Make sure you understand how the law of the area you live or plan to visit operates before sending in your customized knife request to a knife maker.

They are Targeted by Thieves

Customized knives can fetch a lot of money in black markets, and this makes them a target for knife thieves. Walking around with a $1000 knife is bound to direct some unwanted attention your way, and if you are not careful, you may find yourself the victim of a nasty experience at the hands of ruthless gangs that will do anything to get their hands on any unique piece of blade. If you can avoid flaunting the knife in places where you are new, the better it is for you.


Owning a customized knife is a dream that many seasoned knife enthusiasts relish. It is like a piece of the trophy since no one else would have a knife that looks like yours. If you are thinking of getting a customized folding knife right now and you are clueless about where to begin, then check out our website (Shieldon - outdoor knives) and have all the questions you may have answered by our team of experts.


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