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Some little knowledge about Carabiner type and Knifeless multi-tool

Multi-tools (Totoku knives, universal knives, multipliers) are tools with multiple built-in functions such as scissors and knives. There are various types such as pliers type that mainly uses pliers and key chain type that can be hung with a carabiner, and can be used in a wide range of situations such as camping and fishing outdoors, bicycle and motorcycle maintenance, and disaster prevention items. For beginners, we also recommend a knifeless multi-tool that can be handled safely. This time, we will introduce how to choose a multi-tool and recommended products from manufacturers such as Leatherman, Victorinox, and Gerber.


What is a multi-tool?


A multi-tool is a tool that has various functions. It features multiple built-in tools such as scissors, a screwdriver, a knife, and a can opener. Since you can carry various tools compactly, you can use them for outdoor leisure such as camping.


Types of multi-tools

Knife type recommended for the outdoors

The knife-type multi-tool is recommended for outdoor use such as camping and fishing. Even if you don't have a kitchen knife, you can smoothly peel the ingredients and grate the fish. Since it is a knife, be careful when handling it and where to put it. Suitable for those who are accustomed to using multi-tools.


Pliers type that can be used in a wide range of ways

The plier's type multi-tool is easy to hold and easy to use as pliers. It is suitable for a wide range of work because it can turn bolts and nuts and grab hot things such as pots. Recommended if you are looking for a multi-tool that can be used both indoors and outdoors.


Easy-to-carry key chain type

The key chain type multi-tool is characterized by being able to be attached to a bag or belt. Compact and lightweight, it is easy to carry around when traveling by bicycle or motorcycle. The bracelet type multi-tool can be worn as an accessory and gives a fashionable impression.


How to choose a multi-tool

Select the function of the tool that suits your purpose

Choose a multi-tool that has the functions that suit your purpose. The type with a knife, scissors, and a saw are recommended for outdoor activities. Those with nail clippers and a screwdriver are suitable for everyday use. If you want to use it as a disaster prevention item, choose a multi-tool with a can opener or LED light.


High safety if it is a knifeless type


The knifeless type multi-tool has the advantage of being easy to use without worrying about injury. It can be safely used by beginners and households with small children. Recommended for those who want a multi-tool for everyday use, such as a bottle opener and a screwdriver.


Check the lock function that can be used safely


The advantage of a multi-tool with a lock function is that it can be safely carried even in a pocket. Check if the multi-tool with built-in sharp items such as knives and scissors has a lock function. If you don't have a lock function, we recommend that you have a storage case.


Check the portability outdoors


The easy-to-carry multi-tool is recommended for outdoor use such as mountain climbing and camping. Many are lightweight and compact types, and the type with a carabiner can be attached to a backpack or belt with a single touch and can be quickly taken out when needed.


Features of multi-tools by manufacturer

Leatherman: Full of highly practical functions


Leatherman's multi-tools are consistently produced in Portland, USA, and feature high quality. We have a wide range of multi-tools that combine functionality and practicality, such as the "WAVE" series, which incorporates 18 types of functions such as pliers, and the "TREAD" series, which incorporates the shapes of watches and bracelets.


Victorinox: You can choose the product that suits the scene you want to use


Victorinox's multi-tools feature a wide variety. You can select multi-tools with various functions and sizes according to the application, such as outdoor ones with built-in knives and saws, personal care ones that can cut and polish nails, and thin card types. Recommended for those who want a smart-looking multi-tool with high design.


Gerber: Durable and easy to use outdoors


Gerber's multi-tools are characterized by their high durability. It has a heavy body and is recommended if you are looking for a durable multi-tool for the outdoors and custom. There are multi-tools with excellent operability, such as a type that allows you to use pliers while storing other functions, and a type that has a lock function.


[Knife type] 6 recommended multi-tools

Shieldon Folding Pocket Knife D2 Blade G10 Handle 9049G1-B

Can be easily deployed by pressing with your thumb.

It is a multi-tool that is particular about ease of use. The general multi-tool can be deployed by hooking the nail, but the free series can be deployed by simply pressing the root part with the thumb. In addition, because it uses a magnet mechanism that reduces resistance due to friction, it can be deployed smoothly, and when fully deployed, it is locked and firmly fixed. Equipped with tools useful for outdoor scenes such as straight-edged knives, levers, package openers, drills, bottle openers, and 3 types of screwdrivers.


Victorinox Huntsman 1.3713

Compact size that fits in the palm of your hand.

A multi-tool type outdoor knife equipped with 15 types of functions. In addition to large and small knives, various tools such as scissors, bottle openers, can openers, and saws are installed. Therefore, it is convenient to have one in every scene such as camping, mountain climbing, and traveling. It is recommended to carry it not only for outdoor activities and when going out but also as equipment for your home or office.


Victorinox Nail clip wood

6 types of functions that can be used for nail care.

A multi-tool for nail care. A set of 6 types of functions such as nail clipper, nail file, and nail cleaning. The tool can be taken in and out with one touch, and it is easy to handle. It is lightweight at about 37g and has excellent portability. With a stylish design that uses walnut wood for the handle, it is also recommended as a gift.


Victorinox Glass breaker rescue tool for emergency escape

Multi-tool for disaster prevention that can cut glass and seat belts.

It is a multi-tool for disaster prevention. It features a built-in seatbelt cutter, window breaker, and glass saw. You can fasten your seat belts or break windows in an emergency, such as when you are trapped in a car. It is attractive that both right-handed and left-handed people can use it comfortably. Equipped with a liner lock mechanism, it can be opened and closed safely even while wearing gloves.


Amazon Basic Multi-Tool Pocket Knife

There are plenty of tools that can be used outdoors.

It is a multi-tool with excellent portability. Equipped with a key ring, it can be carried hands-free. The stainless steel has a black oxidation finish, which makes it difficult to deteriorate. It has a lot of outdoor functions such as knives, saws, and scales. With a nylon storage case, it can be safely stored when not in use.


Captain Stag CS Multi-Tool 13 Features

Made of durable stainless steel and can be used for a long time.

It is a compact multi-tool. Since the storage size is 10 cm or less, it is easy to carry and can be used comfortably on the go. With a key ring, it is attractive that it can be hung on a bag or belt. Equipped with 13 types of functions such as a screwdriver, drilling, and wire bending, it can be used widely from daily life to the outdoors. Stainless steel is used for the metal part, and it has excellent durability.



Carabiner type and multi-tool is a good helper for outdoor camping, be sure to choose the right ones, they will bring you a great outdoor experience.


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