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Introducing a new work using famous wood for that popular custom knife!

It's my unique pocket knife folding style, a knife kit made by sharpening the handle, which is very useful for camping and BBQ. We are pleased to announce the release of a limited number of premium models using famous wood on the crowdfunding site "Custom".


Previously, [The latest work of that popular custom kit is an outdoor specialized type! !!] The outdoor knife kit "It's my knife folding style" of "CUSTOM" was introduced.


Hyogo Prefecture, known as the city of hardware, is a long-established road tool maker that boasts a history of more than 120 years in Banshu Custom., With a limited number of lineups including special leather cases and finishing oils, we decided to challenge the crowdfunding site "Custom".


Do you have any attachments that you have been using for a long time?

When it gets old, you can buy a new one. If it breaks, you can buy a new one. Now that such values have permeated and the long-term use of one thing has diminished, we are proposing an "original knife made by shaving."


What is It's my knife folding style?

"It's my knife folding style", which is intended for use in outdoor scenes such as camping and barbecue, is a product of our own brand "CUSTOM" that is being developed in the series. The characteristic of the brand is that you can make an original knife by shaving the handle of the knife into a shape that suits you, with the themes of "shaving is fun" and "one effort in daily life".


This time, as a custom limited product, for beginners, a knife that sharpens the handle with a safety guard, walnut oil that exerts reinforcement and waterproof effects, and for experts, carefully selected materials such as bilma teak, thermo ash, ebony We have prepared.



The set comes with a knife with a safety guard to sharpen the handle, walnut oil for reinforcement and waterproofing, and a special leather case that is convenient for carrying the knife.


From the left, Bunanoki, Thermo Ash, Burmese Teak, Ebony <Custom limited pattern except for Bunanoki>


Easy but authentic

One of the charms of this kit is that it is easy to complete in about 2 hours even for those who are not familiar with manufacturing. As part of the activities of "CUSTOM", we hold workshops to make daily necessities such as knives and cutlery at our directly managed stores near Kobe Station. We have received many joyful voices saying, "I was absorbed in it, so it took me two hours in a blink of an eye."


However, it's a pity that the workshop only extends within our reach. I want more people to enjoy the joy of manufacturing, and I want parents and children to share it. By extension, I want you to have an attachment to the tools and develop a feeling of valuing the tools. With that in mind, I participated in crowdfunding this time.


Practicality can play many roles

This custom pocket knife has "the fun of making it yourself", but it is also proud of its practicality that it can be used for many purposes such as cooking knives, butter knives, and steak knives outdoors. As a design ingenuity, by slightly bending the handle upward, the weak point of a general knife that is difficult to cook because the handle and the blade are aligned is eliminated.


We select good quality materials so that they can be used for a long time. A wooden handle that gives off a taste the more you use it, and a blade that can be used even if the blade width becomes narrower. Carbon steel called "Aogami" makes this possible. Aogami, which is easy to sharpen and has the characteristics of long-cutting blades, and is mainly used as a high-grade blade material, is an authentic material chosen by professionals.


A supporting role to spin a story with the family

If used improperly, the knife can be dangerous. You can also understand the intimacy that you do not want your child to touch. However, instead of moving away, you will be injured or cut, and you will learn how to use it properly while knowing the pain. Isn't that a good way to interact with cutlery?


Sometimes he teaches how to handle it correctly, sometimes he makes jokes, and sometimes he shows his cool father's back and deepens the relationship between parents and children. The "my knife" completed through such a process will surely be something you will want to keep forever like an original knife with only one memory of the owner engraved on it.


From now on, we will introduce to you the know-how for having fun with knives through this product called It's my knife over a total of 12 times.


Have a knife day!



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