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Knife Making Basics Featured in the Production of Shieldon Knives

Shieldon is one of the leading knife manufacturers in China and around the world. The company was established in 1998 and has over the years continued to offer incredible knife options to its customers. The company prides itself on offering the best outdoor knife options designed to cater to your specific needs.

The knives produced by Shieldon continue to garner popularity in the knife market mainly for the quality they offer. The knives are designed and developed by the best in the business. This allows them to feature the use of qualified experts and incredible manufacturing systems set up to enhance the performance of the knives. In this post, we’ll be covering some of the knife-making basics featured by Shieldon to ensure all their outdoor knives are perfect for use.


Qualified Expertise


Shieldon believes in investing in the design of the knives they produce alongside the systems and expertise they feature. This aspect has allowed them to continue being top of the industry as they continue to innovate and explore different knife options.


The knives featured in Shieldon are designed by one of the most renowned knife designers in the world. Dimitry Sinkevitch also known as Django is the brains behind the incredible blade and handle designs offered by Shieldon. His incredible designs allow for the production of functional and pleasing knife options.


In addition to the design aspects, Shieldon also features the help of qualified knife makers tasked with ensuring that all the processes are done right. Working with craftsmen who have honed their skills and perfected their art allows Shieldon to offer the best knife options in the market. The expertise offered by different professionals in the manufacture of Shieldon knives contributes greatly to the quality results.

Use of the Right Raw Materials


When it comes to the manufacture of quality knife options, the raw materials used are an important aspect to consider. Remember, the knives produced are only as good as the raw materials used in their production. This is why Shieldon ensures to consider this and work on producing the best quality knife options. The raw materials to be used need to come with a few properties to ensure they are perfect for use. Some of the most common properties featured on the materials used by Shieldon include:


  • Enhanced Strength


The raw materials used in the production of Shieldon blades need to feature incredible strength. Working with such materials allows the knives to perform well even when used in high-stress environments.


  • Durability


The strength featured in the raw materials used lends itself well to the durability of Shieldon knife options. The knives are developed to allow you to use them for long periods without any malfunction issues. Additionally, the materials are designed to be wear-resistant and resistant to damage caused by any weather changes.


  • Edge Retention


Working with a knife that stays sharp through your applications is important. This reduces the stress of having to sharpen the knives every time. The raw materials used in the manufacture of Shieldon knives are designed to hold the edges quite well. This allows you to use the knives for a longer period befor you have to sharpen them again.



When it comes to the raw materials being used in the manufacture of Shieldon knives, the company features a variety of options. They work on ensuring that both the blades and handles are manufactures using the best materials. This ensures that the knives you invest in actually cater to your needs with ease and offer incredible service. Here are some of the materials used by Shieldon.


Blade Materials


Some of the blade materials that are used in the manufacture of Shieldon knives include:



This material is designed to be resistant to corrosion and damage from any wear and tear when using the blades. Additionally, it also offers incredible edge retention allowing you to use the blades without the constant sharpening.




D2 is a semi-stainless steel material that is designed to feature great durability and great edge retention when in use. Additionally, the material also features great corrosion resistance.




This material is well known for developing knives with extremely sharp edges and tough aspects that allow them to be used in different applications. The material is design to be resistant to corrosion and distortion.

Handle Materials


The handle materials that are mainly featured to ensure the manufacture of perfectly ergonomic handles include:




Titanium offers great durability when it comes to the manufacture of handles and also offers incredible grip. It is designed to be lightweight which makes it a perfect option in the manufacture of quality handles.



Aluminum offers the option of working with different colors on the handles and also features a great grip making the use of the knives easier.



The G-10 material offers a lightweight comfortable grip that makes the use of the knives for long periods a breeze.

Quality Manufacturing Systems


Shieldon’s manufacturing systems are well established and designed to offer incredible outdoor knife options. The manufacturing systems are segmented step by step to ensure that they are accurate and offer the best quality. The step by step processes feature in the manufacture of Shieldon knives include:


  • Steel Stamping


The first step in the production of Shieldon knives is steel stamping. This is where a steel bar or desired material is placed in a high-powered stamping machine. This machine is tasked with ensuring that the blade is stamped out to the correct shape. This is done according to the specified dimensions and is taken care of by qualified artisans.


  • Hole Punching


Hole punching is the next step where the stamped blade is taken to strategically introduce holes that will be used in assembly. This is done using a 16T punch drill press. The sizes of the holes will range depending on the specific dimensions.


  • Straightening


To ensure that there are no deformities, the blade is taken to a straightening machine where the straightening process takes place. Doing this helps prevent any warping before the heat-treating process.


  • Heat Treating


The blade is then subjected to high heat in a heated kiln and allowed to retain the heat befor being cooled. This process is done to ensure that the knife retains its form and enhances its durability.

Advanced Processing


After the manufacturing processes, the blade is then processed to ensure that it is perfect for use. At this stage, the processing is done in 3 steps that allow the blades to be perfect for use. These steps include:


  • Grinding, Milling, and Polishing


After the blades have cooled, they are taken to the grinder where all the rough edges are removed and later subjected to the milling tool for finer edges. Lastly, they are then polished to reveal their shiny glow.


  • Surface Finishing


Finishing is done to ensure that the blade retains the shiny aspect achieved in the polishing stage. This process features different finishing options including sanding, mirror polishing, and sandblasting among others. This is also where your logo or any branding aspects are done.


  • Cleaning and Packaging


Once the knives are perfect for use, they are then cleaned to remove any residue and ensure that they are presentable. They are then packed accordingly and prepared for the shipping process.




Shieldon knives feature incredible aspects that ensure all their productions are of the best quality. From working with qualified professionals to well-established manufacturing systems, you can trust that the knives will offer incredible service. You’ll get to enjoy the functionality and incredible durability of the knives you invest in. If you’d like to get an outdoor knife to cater to your specific needs without fail, check out our website and choose from our catalog.


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