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2021 Recommended ax popularity! [Fiskars too]

In the outdoors, there are many opportunities to use cutlery, such as chopping wood and cutting down obstructive trees. Therefore, I would like to recommend an ax. With one ax, you can chop wood and even cut large ingredients. However, there are different types of axes, and it is necessary to use them properly according to the purpose. Therefore, in this article, we will explain in detail the types of axes and how to choose them. We will also introduce recommended axes by type, so if you are looking for one to take outdoor gear, please refer to it.


Ax features

Unlike the hatchet, it has high power because it has centrifugal force.

The weight of the ax is concentrated on the head part. Therefore, unlike a hatchet with a uniform weight ratio, centrifugal force is generated when it is swung down. By using centrifugal force, a strong impact is applied even with a small force, and trees can be easily cut. Therefore, even those who are new to making firewood or women who have no strength can enjoy making firewood.


Making firewood is more fun than a chainsaw

Handmade firewood with an ax used for campfires is one of the entertainments at the time of camp. Some even have a hobby of chopping wood. Processing the wood that was there with your ax is a great pleasure in a camp where you can enjoy the custom spirit. In the first place, the roar of a chainsaw cannot be heard in a campsite with other passengers. It's easier to carry and maintain than a chainsaw, so I'd like to take one outdoors.


Ax type


Splitting ax

The standard wood-splitting ax can be used in a variety of ways

A type of ax commonly used for chopping wood. Instead of cutting it, it is struck to loosen the fibers and split to make firewood. Due to the long handle, the weight ratio is ideal for making firewood. So, when choosing an ax for chopping wood, it's a good idea to start with the splitting ax.

Many types have a head part made of iron, and it is possible to hit the head part with a hammer and use it as a wedge. Therefore, even if you choose hardwood for firewood, you can easily make firewood by preparing a wedge. Combined with well-balanced performance, it is a very responsive ax.


Hand ax

The one-handed ax that is easy for women and children to handle

This is a so-called hatchet, which is used to make small firewood for burning, which is used for the crater. If you mainly use an ax dedicated to chopping wood, which is difficult to operate delicately, it will help you to make a bonfire with excellent maneuverability. There is also a type of handaxe that can be used not only for burning but also for chopping wood. It will come in handy when making a bonfire, which is not as large as a campfire.

Many axes with a unique color scheme are sold compared to other types of axes. Therefore, even in a camp with a lot of equipment, there is an advantage that it is hard to be confused with the ax of other passengers. Because it is small and lightweight, it is also recommended for those who carry camping equipment on a motorcycle, etc. because the luggage is not bulky.


Ferring ax

A powerful ax suitable for logging large trees

An ax made to cut trees vertically. In addition, the blade is thin and lightweight because it is designed to be used while moving. You can use it to drop an obstructive branch to hang a hammock, or cut a thin tree when you want to secure a place to set up a camp.

A major feature of Ferring Ax is that it is suitable for cutting logs. You also use logs as a stand for chopping wood. Therefore, being able to choose the height of the wood-splitting table and the timber yourself is a great advantage in using Ferring Ax. Ferring axes are a must for anyone who wants to start making firewood by cutting logs from a fallen tree.


Broad ax

Woodworking ax used in construction and custom

Broadaxes have sharp blades and short handles, so they are mainly used to cut the wood into architectural wood. It is not suitable for making firewood because it is very sharp, but there is nothing on the right in terms of the performance of making square timber. Therefore, if you want to make a full-scale log house, you should choose it.

It is a broad ax that is rarely used in the outdoor scene, but there is a way to use it by keeping one at home for disaster prevention. Since many blades are thin and small, they are easy to store and can be used as a take-out blade in case of emergency. It can also be conveniently used to cut large ingredients for Dutch ovens.


How to choose an ax


Select by country of manufacture depending on the type of tree to be used as firewood

A Japanese ax with a sharp ax blade for soft conifers with straight fibers

In Japan, light and easy-to-process conifers account for more than 90% of planted forests. Therefore, the Japanese ax is made thin and straight so that it is easy to cut the coniferous trees such as Sugi and Hinoki. Therefore, when using coniferous trees for firewood, it is recommended to choose a Japanese ax. The Japanese ax is made to fit the Japanese body shape, so it has the advantage of not getting tired even if you use it continuously.


For hardwoods with complicated tree shapes, we recommend a Western ax with an ax blade that spreads from the center.

The Western ax has a shape that extends from the cutting edge to the belly of the ax, considering the processing into a broad-leaved tree that grows in the temperate zone and has a dense interior. It specializes in breaking rather than cutting, and even hard hardwood can be easily made into firewood. The head part is also heavy, and you can easily break firewood with a small amount of force by using the weight. In addition, it is often located at home improvement stores, which is an advantage because it is easily available.


Select by the weight of the head part in consideration of the usage environment

For beginners and women, use an ax with a head of 1.5 kg to 2.0 kg.

The lighter the head of the ax, the less the burden on the wrists and other joints, but if it is too light, it will not be able to divide the firewood sufficiently. Therefore, considering the balance between power and ease of handling, we recommend an ax of 1.5 kg to 2.0 kg. If you choose an ax that is not too heavy and has a weight that matches your strength, you can aim at the desired location and break firewood in one shot.


An ax with a plastic handle has a high center of gravity and is lightweight, but can efficiently transmit power.

Some types of axes sold by each manufacturer have a handle made of plastic or fiberglass. If the ax has a light handle and a high center of gravity, the arc when swung down will be closer to a perfect circle, and a large impact can be given with less force. Also important for chopping wood is the angle between the blade and the log when it is swung down. If there is an angle when the log hits the blade, it will just stick and will not crack. Therefore, we also recommend a type with a bow-shaped handle that allows the blade to hit the contact surface horizontally when swung down and transmit the force evenly.


Select by accessories for convenience

A gloved ax that enhances grip prevents accidents

If you are an advanced player, the story is different, but if you are a beginner, the moment you swing down the ax, you may slip out of your hand and fly in the wrong direction. To avoid such danger, be sure to buy one with gloves. Wearing gloves will prevent slipping with the handle and avoid dangerous accidents. Also, if you have gloves, you can prevent sparks and heat when adding firewood to a bonfire.


An ax with a special case is safe and convenient to carry

When carrying camping equipment on a motorcycle, etc., it is necessary to pack it compactly to reduce the bulk, so the pressure tightened at that time may damage other tools. So, to avoid that, choose an ax that comes with its case. If you have a case, you won't damage other tools, and you can hang an ax on your belt and carry it with you.



Easy-to-use splitting ax of around 2.0 kg for chopping wood

If you're looking for an ax for chopping wood, we recommend choosing a splitting ax developed for chopping wood. The length and weight of the handle and the sharpness of the blade make it suitable for chopping wood. Compared to other types of axes, the blade is more specialized for breaking, so you don't have to sharpen it every time. For beginners, I'm happy that maintenance is not a hassle. It is also a good choice to look at the diameter of the logs used for firewood and choose an inexpensive hatchet. If you choose an ax that balances power and ease of use, you will have fewer mistakes. This time, we have introduced the recommended outdoor axes in a ranking format. Please get an ax that suits your purpose and strength and makes the outdoors more enjoyable.



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